Kelly & Michael: Julianna Margulies The Good Wife + Jeff Probst


Kelly & Michael: September 17 2014

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Kelly & Michael: Julianna Margulies Emmy Wine + The Good Wife

Kelly & Michael: Jeff Probst Survivor + Stranded: Shadow Island


Kelly & Michael: Eric Ripert Ratatouille Recipe + UniChef Book

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan should have an interesting day on September 17 2014. They’re going to have quite a variety of different guests, which should make it exciting and fun. And they’re going to be doing different things. Julianna Marguiles will be stopping by to talk to Kelly & Michael about her show The Good Wife while Survivor host Jeff Probst will come by to talk about his new book Stranded Shadow Island. Plus, chef Eric Ripert will come by to share a recipe with Kelly & Michael. So they’ll have a lot going on, which should make it a very fun show.

Kelly & Michael: Julianna Margulies 'The Good Wife'

Julianna Margulies will come by to talk about her show ‘The Good Wife’ with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Juliana Margulies

Julianna Margulies will be coming by to talk about her show The Good Wife. When Kelly & Michael announced that she was coming, the audience burst into cheers and Kelly & Michael had to remind them that she was coming the next day and wasn’t on her way out. I don’t blame them though; she’s an incredibly talented actress. The Good Wife is actually about to start its sixth season, which is so impressive. I’ve actually never seen the show, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. The season premiere of The Good Wife will be on September 21 2014 on CBS.

Kelly & Michael: Jeff Probst

Survivor host Jeff Probst will also be coming by to talk to Kelly & Michael. It feels like Survivor has been around forever, but Probst will be talking about his new book Stranded Shadow Island, which is available now. It’s actually part of the Stranded series. He will probably also talk to Kelly & Michael about Survivor since the show is starting up again soon. The season premiere of Survivor will be on September 24 2014 on CBS.

Kelly & Michael: Eric Ripert

Chef Eric Ripert, who Kelly called a friend, will also be stopping by Live! With Kelly & Michael. He will be showing Kelly & Michael a recipe and they’ll all cook together. This, of course, isn’t his first time on the show. He was recently on Live! With Kelly & Michael for the Superstar Chefs Farm-To-Table Challenge and his food looked great, so I’m excited to see what he’ll be making this time.


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