Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm Mad Men & Snoop Lion Reincarnated Review


Live With Kelly & Michael April 24 2013 Preview

On April 23 2013, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan go from a girl power Tuesday to Manly Wednesday. Jon Hamm, the nefarious and suave Don Draper, is talking about season six of Mad Men. Then, the man who can’t decide on a name, Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is performing.

Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm Mad Men & Snoop Lion Reincarnated Review

On April 24 2013, Jon Hamm talks to Kelly and Michael about season six of Mad Men. Also, Snoop Lion explains his life altering trip to Jamaica. (Image Credit: Featureflash /


Kelly & Michael: Jon Hamm

If you ask a woman who her ideal man is, right under Ryan Gosling you will find Jon Hamm. He’s the tall, dark and smooth man of a woman’s dreams. So it’s weird how he has played some of the biggest jerks on television. Don Draper seems like a pretty dirty player. Then there was his role as the jerk in Bridesmaids that treats Kristen Wigg like trash.

Still woman flock to Jon Hamm like he’s the second coming. If you can explain the Jon Hamm/Don Draper appeal, let us know in the comments.

Kelly & Michael: Snoop Lion

Who knew that Doggs could become lions? I guess if they have two g’s it’s possible. The artist formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg is know Snoop Lion.


In his new film, Snoop talks about his roots and finding clarity in a cloudy world. He spent time in Jamaica getting back to where he came from and what their music represents. He came back to the studio and decided he didn’t want to rap and hustle anymore. His album, “Reincarnated,” out April 23 2013 contains no rapping.

Snoop tells his fans that he lived a reckless life. He doesn’t regret what he did in his life because it made him who he is today. Snoop Dogg was the process that caused Snoop Lion to evolve, he explains.

Tune into this episode of Live With Kelly & Michael to learn more about Snoop’s new album and Jon Hamm’s heartthrob status.


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