Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Phoenix, Anna Kendrick + Sara Evans


Kelly & Michael: December 9 2014

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Live!: Joaquin Phoenix Kelly Ripa Competition + Inherent Vice Review


Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick Social Media + Into the Woods

Kelly & Michael: Sara Evans Nashville + At Christmas Review

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are going to have a really fun day on December 9 2014. Joaquin Phoenix will be coming by the show to sit down and talk with Kelly & Michael about his new movie Inherent Vice. Phoenix is insanely talented, so this should be really good. Plus, Anna Kendrick will be coming by the show to sit down and talk to Kelly & Michael about her new movie Into the Woods, which I am so excited for. I think Kendrick is really talented and I’m so excited for Into the Woods, so this should be a great interview. Finally, Live! With Kelly & Michael will be continuing with its Holiday Hits Week with a performance from Sara Evans, who will sing a holiday song. Overall, it should be a really fun day.


Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Phoenix

Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick 'Into the Woods'

Anna Kendrick will talk about ‘Into the Woods’ with Kelly & Michael. (s_bukley /

Joaquin Phoenix will be coming by the show to sit down and talk to Kelly & Michael. He’ll be talking to Kelly & Michael about his new movie Inherent Vice. Inherent Vice is about a police investigator who investigates the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. It looks really good. Inherent Vice will be in select theaters on December 12 2014 and will be playing everywhere on January 9 2014.

Kelly & Michael: Anna Kendrick

Then, Anna Kendrick will come by to talk to Kelly & Michael about the new movie adaptation of Into the Woods, which Meryl Streep already came by to talk about. I am so excited for this movie and I think that Kendrick is insanely talented and is so entertaining, so I’m really excited for this interview. I’m really hoping that she talks about Pitch Perfect 2 as well. Into the Woods will be in theaters on Christmas.

Kelly & Michael: Sara Evans

Finally, Sara Evans will be coming by for a performance as a part of Live! With Kelly & Michael’s Holiday Hits Week. She’ll, of course, be performing a holiday song, which should be fun. Renee Fleming already came by. She’ll probably also talk to Kelly & Michael. It should be a lot of fun and a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Sara Evans’ album Slow Me Down is available now.


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