Kelly & Michael: George Clooney The Monuments Men + Karmin Music


Kelly & Michael February 6 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It’s a special morning on Live! with Kelly & Michael on Thursday, February 6. Box office superstar George Clooney is visiting the show, and it’s also time for Kelly Ripa to pay up on her Super Bowl bet. Then, pop stars Karmin will perform for the audience. Here’s what’s coming up on Thursday’s show.


Kelly and Michael: George Clooney The Monuments Men

Kelly & Michael: George Clooney The Monuments Men + Karmin Music

From the new movie The Monuments Men, Kelly & Michael will chat with movie star George Clooney on the Feb. 6 episode, with music from pop duo Karmin. (andersphoto /

George Clooney has a brand new movie out, and though it is about epic battles, it is not your average war film. The Monuments Men follows the story of those who volunteered to join the armed forces with the goal of protecting our most treasured and valued works of artistic expression.

That sounds like a novel basis for a movie, and it should be interesting to hear Clooney speak about his role in the project, and what sets this apart from some of the other pictures he has done. He has come a long way since his days as a primetime doctor on ER!


Clooney’s visit to Live will take place on Thursday, February 6.

Kelly & Michael: Karmin “I Want It All”

Karmin burst onto the scene in recent years with the smash hit “Brokenhearted.” Now this pop duo is out with a brand new single called “I Want It All.” You can check them out when they visit the Live stage to perform their latest song on the next episode.

Kelly Ripa No Makeup Show

Kelly Ripa lost her Super Bowl bet with Michael Strahan, and that means she will have to do the show without makeup on Thursday, February 6. She seems to think this is more of a punishment for others than herself, but we will see for ourselves on Thursday’s episode. Be sure to watch!

In 2012, the hosts of The Talk kicked off their season by going makeup-free, so this is not uncharted territory for daytime. Ripa is always a good sport, so she is likely to have fun with the gag and let Michael enjoy his rare competitive victory.


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