Kelly & Michael February 21: Zach Braff “Oz The Great And Powerful”


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

Kelly & Michael: Florida Experiencing Record Tourism & Hangover Cure


Kelly & Michael: Zach Braff “Oz the Great and Powerful” Review

Kelly & Michael: Ne-Yo “Forever Now” Performance At Walt Disney World

Kelly & Michael: Michael’s Boys’ Night Out & Disney Family Face-Off


Live! With Kelly & Michael February 21 2013 Preview

Kelly & Michael February 21 will be a big, all-new show. Joining the hosts during their week-long stint at Walt Disney World will be Oz the Great and Powerful star Zach Braff. Also, R&B superstar Ne-Yo will perform his latest hit for the Magic Kingdom crowd, and Michael will be enjoying a boys’ night out, Disney-style. Plus, two new families are going head-to-head in the Disney Family Face-Off, and there will be much more fun from the happiest place on earth (or is that Disneyland?).

Here’s more on this upcoming episode of Kelly & Michael February 21 from sunny Orlando, Florida.

Kelly & Michael February 21: Zach Braff "Oz The Great And Powerful"

Kelly & Michael February 21 will feature Oz the Great and Powerful star Zach Braff and R&B superstar Ne-Yo from Walt Disney World. (s_bukley /

Kelly & Michael: Zach Braff Oz the Great and Powerful Interview

Zach Braff is a talented actor and filmmaker known for his role as Dr. J.D. Dorian on the long-running series ScrubsHe is also the director, writer and star of Garden State, Zach’s acclaimed directorial debut film which instantly became a cult classic.

Zach’s next project is the highly-anticipated Disney fantasy Oz the Great and Powerful. Zach plays two roles in the film: Frank, a circus performer, and the voice of Finley, a flying monkey. The Wizard of Oz prequel also stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams.

For more on this exciting new family adventure, catch Zach Braff at Disney World with Kelly & Michael February 21.

Kelly & Michael: Ne-Yo Performance

Also appearing at Disney World on Thursday, February 21 will be R&B artist Ne-Yo. The Grammy winner’s numerous hit songs include “Closer” and “Miss Independent.” Released in November 2012, Ne-Yo’s latest album is called R.E.D. Ne-Yo will take the stage to perform his latest hit at the Magic Kingdom on February 21.


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