Kelly & Michael: Connie Britton Nashville Review & AcroYoga Workout


Recapo Update: This episode of Live! has aired. Click the links below to find out why Connie Britton was almost in the film, Jerry Maguire:

Live! With Kelly and Michael May 17 2013 Preview

Live! is inviting Connie Britton on the show to talk about her role in Nashville and the CD coming out for the show. Kelly and Michael are also continuing their fitness challenge, this time trying their hand at AcroYoga. And finally, they are looking at the video from Michael’s trip to Texas where he was presented with an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.


Kelly & Michael: Connie Britton Nashville Review & AcroYoga Workout

Kelly & Michael May 17 2013 are talking with Connie Britton about her role on Nashville and continuing their fitness challenge by trying an AcroYoga workout. (image credit: Joe Seer /

Connie Britton Nashville Review

The end of the first season of Nashville is coming up really quick. In the hopes of getting a sneak peek at the final episodes, Kelly and Michael are inviting Connie Britton on the show to give them the scoop.  She is also going to be discussing what it was like getting in the studio again to record The Music of Nashville: Season 1, Volume 2. We might even get to hear a small performance from her.

Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: AcroYoga

Kelly and Michael have done some pretty strange workouts these past few days. They tried their hand (and feet) at the Animal Flow Workout although Jimmy Kimmel, who was a guest that day, didn’t think it did a thing for his health. Then they tried the Baby Booty Camp, which entailed having an actual baby to get the workout done. They also tried CrossFit but they looked exhausted afterwards.


On May 17 2013 they are going to be trying AcroYoga, a workout that combines acrobatics and yoga and must be done with a partner.

Dr Michael Anthony Strahan Honorary Doctorate

Michael Strahan has been talking about his honorary doctorate for a few days now and on Friday, May 17 2013, Live! is airing the video they shot from that day.

Make sure to tune in to Live! with Kelly and Michael to see Michael receive his honorary degree and to watch the two co-hosts struggle through some AcroYoga. If you miss any part of this episode, stop back at Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show.


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