Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson Grey’s Anatomy + Roma Downey


Live! with Kelly & Michael February 25 2014

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Kelly and Michael are getting you in the spirit for spring TV, because favorite shows are returning and there is always something new to watch. Check out Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy and Son of God’s Roma Downey on the next episode of their show, airing Tuesday, February 25.


Kelly and Michael: Chandra Wilson Grey’s Anatomy

Kelly & Michael: Chandra Wilson Grey's Anatomy + Roma Downey

Dr Oz is sharing his perspective on the dangerous Thigh Gap diet trend that is popular among women pursuing an image of beauty, on the Feb. 25 episode. (Helga Esteb /

After a very long winter hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy is finally coming back to Thursday nights, and things ended with some big questions hanging in the air, such as Jackson’s declaration of love during April’s wedding.

Since the very beginning, Chandra Wilson has been a part of the Grey’s family as the beloved character of Dr Miranda Bailey, whose no-nonsense approach has evolved along with the medical soap over the past decade. Hopefully she’ll give us some things to look forward to during the show’s spring run. Check out her interview with Kelly & Michael on Tuesday morning.


Kelly & Michael: Roma Downey Son of God

Last week, the hosts chatted with Diogo Morgado, who portrays Jesus Christ in the new film Son of God. Roma Downey is also a part of the cast, and she and her husband, super-producer Mark Burnett, are also the creative forces behind the scenes.

Son of God is based on History Channel’s miniseries The Bible, which aired last spring and was a big hit. Now the story of Jesus, as featured in the film, is hitting movie screens. Do you think people will want to pay theater prices for something they could watch at home for free?

Roma Downey will talk about the project during her visit with our favorite hosts on February 25.

Live’s Look As Young As You Feel Makeover Finalists

This week, Lawrence Zarian is helping Kelly and Michael showcase the three finalists remaining in Live’s Look As Young As You Feel makeover contest. Get to know them as the week goes on, and be sure to stay tuned for the exciting results when one winner is named.

Check out Kelly & Michael on Tuesday morning to start your day with a smile!


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