Kelly & Michael: The Biggest Loser Winner + Nick Cannon AGT Auditions


Kelly & Michael February 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

The week rolls on for Kelly and Michael on Wednesday, February 5, with visits from Nick Cannon and the winner of The Biggest Loser. Here’s a look inside the next new episode of the show, and what you can expect with a cup of coffee when you tune in.


Kelly and Michael: Nick Cannon AGT

Kelly & Michael: The Biggest Loser Winner + Nick Cannon AGT Auditions

The Biggest Loser winner will be a guest on Kelly & Michael February 5 2014, along with America’s Got Talent host and entertainer Nick Cannon. (Helga Esteb /

Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune was supposed to be on Wednesday’s show, which would have been interesting because you don’t see much of her outside the puzzle board. But she probably couldn’t make it to New York due to all the weather-related travel problems that are cropping up.

Good thing Nick Cannon is always game to be on TV. He is apparently going to promote the summer season of America’s Got Talent, which is still four months away. This is what happens when you have to rebook a guest in a pinch. The good news if you have a quirky skill is that you can audition for the show online this year, so maybe we will hear more about that on Kelly & Michael February 5.


Since the weather is playing games with talk show guests this week, I’m sure Kelly and Michael will have more to say about the latest snowy conditions in the New York area.

Kelly & Michael: The Biggest Loser Winner

There are only three finalists left on the current season of NBC’s weight loss reality competition, The Biggest Loser. It has to wrap up now so that another reality competition, the Winter Olympics, can unfold on our TVs for the next couple weeks.

Tomorrow, the winner of the show will presumably make it to his or her interview. The finalists include Bobby Saleem, David Brown, and Rachel Frederickson, and one of them will take home the grand prize in the final weigh-in on the show’s February 4 finale on NBC.

Watch tomorrow to see the winner with Kelly & Michael talking about the effects of the weight loss competition, fitness training, and lifestyle makeover.


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