Kelly & Michael April 3: Jeremy Irons “The Borgias” & Jeremy Sisto


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

Kelly & Michael: Cell Phone 40th Anniversary & Landfill Harmonic Movie


Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Irons Pope Alexander VI & The Borgias Season 3

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Sisto “Suburgatory” & Raising Kids In L.A.

Kelly & Michael: Juanes “A Dios Le Pido” & “Chasing The Sun” Review


Live! With Kelly & Michael April 3 2013 Preview

Live! with Kelly & Michael April 3 will feature not one, but two famous stars named Jeremy: Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Sisto! First, the hosts will chat with Jeremy Irons, star of the Showtime series The Borgias. Then, Kelly & Michael will sit down with Jeremy Sisto, star of the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. Also, catch a performance from Juanes, one of Latin music’s biggest superstars. Plus, the latest news and discussions in host chat and much more fun. Here’s more on this upcoming episode of Kelly & Michael April 3.

Kelly & Michael April 3: Jeremy Irons "The Borgias" & Jeremy Sisto

Kelly & Michael April 3 will feature Jeremy Irons from The Borgias, Jeremy Sisto from Suburgatory, and a performance from Juanes. (cinemafestival /

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Irons The Borgias Season Three Review

Jeremy Irons is the Academy Award-winning actor of stage, film and television who currently stars on The Borgias. The multi-talented British thespian portrays corrupt and controversial Pope Alexander VI on the hit historical drama which is set in 16th century Europe. The Borgias is about to begin its third season on Showtime on April 14, 2013. For more information on the show’s highly anticipated new season, don’t miss The Borgias star Jeremy Irons on Live! with Kelly & Michael April 3.

Kelly & Michael: Jeremy Sisto Suburgatory Interview

Kelly & Michael April 3 will also feature an interview with Suburgatory star Jeremy Sisto. The hit sitcom, currently in its second season on ABC, follows a father and daughter who move from New York City to the affluent, materialistic fictional suburb of Chatswin, New York. Jeremy portrays dad George Altman, while Jane Levy plays his teenage daughter, Tessa. Suburgatory also stars Cheryl Hines as housewife Dallas Royce. Catch up with Jeremy Sisto, star of Suburgatory, on Live! April 3.


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