Kelly and Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love + Ralph Fiennes


Kelly & Michael March 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Kelly and Michael have a brand new hour of interviews and fun coming your way this Wednesday, March 5 2014. Get ready for visits from Annette Bening and Ralph Fiennes on the next show this week. You are going to want to see what these stars have to say about their latest films.


Kelly and Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love

Kelly and Michael: Annette Bening The Face of Love + Ralph Fiennes

Annette Bening will be visiting Kelly & Michael on the all new Wednesday, March 5 2014 episode, which also features an interview with Ralph Fiennes. (DFree /

Annette Bening is a two-time Academy Award nominee, and she is going to be quite the presence on the Live! stage this Wednesday morning. The star is coming to the show to talk about her latest movie, which is called The Face of Love.

Bening plays opposite Ed Harris and Robin Williams in the new film, which tells the story of what happens when a widow falls for a man who looks just like her deceased husband. What are the odds, and what does this mean about love? Those are questions you’ll have to find out when you see the movie, but I bet we’ll get to see a clip from the film on Wednesday, March 5, as Bening chats with Kelly & Michael.


Kelly & Michael: Ralph Fiennes The Grand Budapest Hotel

British-born star Ralph Fiennes has been entertaining audiences in memorable roles for decades. His latest project is called The Grand Budapest Hotel, and it follows the story of two co-workers at a famed European hotel who become best friends over the years.

The movies was directed by Wes Anderson, who is known for his particular style, and you may have seen some of the bold color choices and striking costumes in promotional photos or advertisements for the film.

The cast includes a litany of familiar faces that you know and love, and the movie gives off a vibe of weirdness that Anderson fans have come to know and love. Find out more about the project when Fiennes talks it up on Live! this Wednesday.


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