Katie Couric & James Marsden: Kelly & Michael September 6 2012 Preview


Kelly & Michael: September 6 2012 Preview

Don’t miss the next episode of Live With Kelly & Michael September 6 2012. The show’s guest list for the day includes TV host Katie Couric, actor James Marsden, and 2012 Olympic Gold Medal soccer stars. Here’s what’s coming up on Kelly & Michael September 6 2012.

Katie Couric Talk Show Premiere

Katie Couric: Kelly & Michael September 6 2012 Preview

Katie Couric previews her new talk show with Kelly & Michael September 6 2012. (Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)


Katie Couric has done it all. From morning duty on The Today Show for over a decade, to a headline-making stint as anchor of the CBS Evening News, this woman seems to be up for any challenge. That’s a good thing, because she is betting big on her next project.

The new talk show Katie premieres this month, on September 10 2012. Before the big debut, Katie Couric will be chatting with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about how hard it is to make TV look effortless. But with Michael still getting his sea legs, who will be giving advice to whom?

You’ll have to make a date with Kelly & Michael September 6 2012 to find out. Or if you have to work and can’t see the show, get the recap right here on Recapo and find out what you missed.


Kelly & Michael: Bachelorette Star James Marsden

James Marsden’s resume has also taken him to countless gigs over the years. From voiceovers and teen soaps to dramas and the big screen, he never seems to have trouble finding new roles to take on. Last year, he made a memorable impression as Liz Lemon’s boyfriend Criss in 30 Rock. Find out if he’ll be returning for the sitcom’s final season on NBC this fall.

Plus, get the story on the hot new movie Bachelorette. It’s being compared to Bridesmaids as a raunchy comedy from a feminine perspective, and James Marsden will explain to the co-hosts how he would up in the role when he visits on Kelly & Michael September 6 2012.

Challenge with the Champions: Alex Morgan & Carli Lloyd

Earlier this week, the co-hosts teamed up with gymnastics medalists. On Live With Kelly & Michael September 6 2012, they’re going at it again with gold medalists from the 2012 US Women’s Soccer Team. Find out what Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan have been up to since the London Olympics, and see what happens when they face off with the co-hosts in a friendly competition.


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