Wolf of Wall Street Lawsuit & Turkey Caller Accidental Shooting


Kelly and Michael: Turkey Caller Accidental Shooting

A turkey caller got himself in trouble when he was practicing. He was so convincing that he was shot by a hunter…twice. Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa agreed that it may not have been an accident, because humans and turkeys probably make different noises when they are shot. Kelly did her own turkey call, while Gelman did a duck call and Michael just laughed at both of them.

Kelly & Michael: Wolf of Wall Street Lawsuit

Wolf of Wall Street Lawsuit & Turkey Caller Accidental Shooting

Andrew Green is suing the people behind the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because he feels the Nicky Rugrat character made fun of his hairpiece. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)


One of the men portrayed in the film The Wolf of Wall Street is suing the filmmakers over his portrayal as a degenerate in the movie. He is suing for $25 million, in part because they made fun of him wearing a hairpiece. Andrew Green claims that character of Nicky Rugrat was based on him.

Michael Strahan said that you bring more attention to yourself with this type of lawsuit, and now everyone will know your name. Would you sue in this case or would you let it go?

Kelly and Michael: California Powerball Jackpot Winner

The Powerball jackpot climbed to $425 million this week, and now someone has purchased a winning ticket in California, which would come out to about $125 million in a one-time payout after taxes. It is the fourth largest single winner prize.


Kelly & Michael: Bear Pascoe + Mark Herzlich

In the studio audience were two of Michael’s New York Giants friends, tight end Bear Pascoe and linebacker Mark Herzlich. Strahan was retiring when those guys joined the team, but they are representing well.

Kelly and Michael: CVS Stops Selling Cigarettes

Michael also wanted to commend CVS Pharmacies on the company’s recent decision to stop selling cigarettes in its stores, which he said would be healthier for everyone.

Kelly said quitting smoking is the best gift you can give yourself, and she is glad every day that she did the hard work to give up the habit.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Diogo Morgado

The day’s player was Mark McClellan from New Hyde Park, New York. He had the chance to win a vacation to the Long Bay Beach Club in Tortola.

What country did we say Diogo Morgado is originally from?

The answer was Portugal, but Mark and an audience member also won a five-year Netflix subscription and a streaming device.


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