Will.I.Am Joining American Idol Judges & Pen Pals Meet After 74 Years


Live! with Kelly & Michael: Football Players Strange Injuries On the Rise

Last week Kelly and Michael talked about the Dallas Cowboys player that missed practice after he chipped his tooth on a Jolly Rancher. It’s a hilarious story, and now another player has had a funny injury. During a practice, an NFL player slipped and hurt himself on a rubber mat. Strahan thought it’s not funny that someone got hurt, but it is funny how it’s happening.

Will.I.Am Joining American Idol Judges & Pen Pals Meet After 74 Years

The rumor is Will.I.Am might be joining the American Idol judges panel, along with Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Also, two pen pals met 74 years later. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


“We’re supposed to be tough” he said. “Toughen up!”

Robin Roberts said that she won’t be watching the Hall of Fame game until Michael Strahan is in the hall of fame.

Men 6Xs More Likely To Get Struck by Lightning

A new study from the CDC shows that men are six times more likely to be struck with lightening than women. Michael Strahan said it’s for a variety of reasons. Perhaps men at more curious and aren’t afraid of a little storm? Maybe they just tend to carrying lightning rods around with them—fishing poles and golf clubs to be exact.


Will Jennifer Lopez Return to American Idol?

With American Idol ratings waning, the show’s executives are going back to a three-judge format and attempting to revamp the show. Jennifer Lopez is rumored to be returning for the next season and Keith Urban will be staying on the panel. Another rumor, said Strahan, is that Will.I.Am will join the panel. That would be a really good lineup and could bring the show back to its former glory.

The Most Stolen ATM Pin Numbers

Stealing ATM pins is becoming more and more common. The tops ATM pins getting hacked are:

  • 1234
  • 6969

Robin said that she would never be able to use 6969 because it’s not becoming of a Southern Lady.

Pen Pals Meet After 74 Years of Letter Writing

Norma and Audrey have been pen pals for thousands of letters. Now in their 80s, the ladies are meeting and exchanging hugs for the first time. They’ve been writing for 74 years, since they were connecting in school. Audrey lives in Australia and Norma lives in Florida.


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