Texting and Walking Subway & New York City School Snow Day Safety


Kelly and Michael: Texting and Walking

A woman in Soho near the subway station by Kelly Ripa’s home was texting while walking and fell off the subway platform onto the tracks as a train was approaching. The subway operator hit the emergency brake, but there was not enough time to stop. Because she was so small, she managed to lie still between the tracks and let the train roll over her, only to get up unharmed afterwards.

“I walk and text, but you always know where you are,” Michael said. “How can you be that blind?” He did not understand why you would not be more aware of your surroundings. Also, a camera outside showed that there were 4 1/2” of sludge outside the studio.


Kelly & Michael: New York City Snow Day

Texting and Walking Subway & New York City School Snow Day Safety

We all know about the hazards of texting and driving, but texting and walking is a menace too. Kelly and Michael talked about a woman on the subway tracks.

Joaquin, Kelly’s youngest son, who has not gotten as many snow days this winter as his siblings, finally got his superstitions to work on Thursday. He was thrilled at the news and was happy to get out of bed.

New York City had a state of emergency on February 13, but public schools were still in session. The chancellor said that it was a beautiful day, while Kelly was being pelted with shards of freezing ice and the mayor stuck to his guns.


Kelly and Michael: School Snow Day Safety

Michael Strahan said it can become dangerous sometimes for the parents and teachers to make it to and from school, in addition to the safety of the students. It’s also a challenge for working parents to make other arrangements on short notice. What do you think justifies a snow day?

He also pointed out a young man in the audience wearing an Eli Manning jersey, who was out of school for the day. Strahan told him to consider this a Life Experience Day.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Winter Storm

The day’s player was Lisa Cashman from Yorktown, Virginia, and her potential prize was the La Playa Beach Club.

What two items did we say people stock up on when a storm is coming?

The answers were bread and milk. Someone in the studio also won a five-year Netflix subscription and a streaming device.


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