Shout App Review, Restaurant Reservations + Fixed for Parking Tickets


Kelly & Michael: Shout App Review for Restaurant Reservations

Have you ever showed up for dinner only to find out that the restaurant does not take reservations or have a waiting list? Kelly Ripa said a restaurant called Red Farm will text you when a table is ready for your party.

More places have stopped taking reservations, or it’s hard to get in where you want to eat. However, a new app called Shout will let you buy other people’s reservations for about $20. Strahan thought this was clever, but he said that it’s only a matter of time before restaurants find a way to get their cut.


Shout App Review, Restaurant Reservations + Fixed for Parking Tickets

Shout is a new app that lets you buy someone else’s reservation at a popular restaurant when you want a table. Another new app targets parking tickets.

Kelly said this will be perfect on Valentine’s Day, when everyone is competing for the booked up restaurants for romantic dinner dates.

Kelly and Michael: Fixed App Review for Parking Tickets

If you are always getting parking tickets, there’s an app for that as well. Fixed is an upcoming app that lets you take a picture of your ticket and submit it to the app. It will give you information about how often those tickets are dismissed and how you can argue your way out of it during a court appearance. The app would charge you a 25% fee of the cost of the ticket. I wonder how they collect that.


Kelly & Michael: Selfies Head Lice

Selfies are popular, especially among young people, but Kelly warned that they are also helping to spread lice, because everyone puts their heads together for the photos. “That’s when you need to get cleaner friends,” Michael said.

But Kelly corrected him, saying head lice are attracted to clean hair and can’t survive on dirty heads. Then Michael was offended that he did not ever have lice. Kelly recalled her mother taking extra precautions during head lice season.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: The Bra’s 100th Birthday

Patricia DeSimone from Scotia, New York, played for a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico.

What item did we say is celebrating its 100th birthday?

The bra was the answer. Patricia won, and so did an audience member, who got to take home eight place settings of Lenox china.


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