Sharknado 2 Production, Pope Francis Rolling Stone & Ex As Maid?


Kelly & Michael: Ryan Tannehill + Scotty Graham

Ryan Tannehill, the Miami Dolphins quarterback, was in the Live audience for this pre-Super Bowl show, along with his wife. Former running back Scotty Graham, Michael’s friend, was also in the front row with his wife for her birthday. Also in the VIP section was Marquel, one of Michael’s friends from St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He didn’t make it to Michael’s party because his flight was grounded due to bad weather in the South.

Sharknado 2 Production, Pope Francis Rolling Stone & Ex As Maid?

Motorcycle driving former nightclub bouncer Pope Francis is no longer a man of the people, according to Kelly Ripa, thanks to his Rolling Stone cover photo. (neneo /


Kelly was excited that he made it to town, since he was missed at the benefit on Thursday night.

Kelly and Michael: Sharknado 2 Production

Sharknado 2, the New York-based sequel to the cult hit SyFy movie, is about to begin filming in the city. Kelly said she has never known of another made-for-TV movie that wound up in theaters.

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will reprise their roles in the sequel, and Kelly and Michael suggested that the producers take some cues from the hosts’ YouTube parody of the film from Halloween.


Kelly & Michael: Pope Francis Rolling Stone

Pope Francis is on the latest cover of Rolling Stone, the rock and roll magazine. Kelly Ripa reminded everyone how much this pope is a man of the people. Now she cannot say that anymore, because everyday people don’t tend to make it on the cover of rock magazines.

Kelly and Michael: Asking Your Ex To Be a Maid?

A British millionaire broke up with his girlfriend of over 30 years. His new girlfriend moved into their house, and he invited the ex to stay on as their maid. Michael said he would be afraid to sleep with her in the house, and Kelly thought she might find something creative to clean with the toothbrushes.

The ex sued in court, and a judge awarded her $10 million. Kelly said that this should be a lesson in future breakups: don’t offer any housecleaning gigs.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Barry Gibb

Loy Phelan of Fair Oaks, California, played for a vacation at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St. Lucia.

Who did Barry Gibb say came to the Bee Gees’ first show?

Loy immediately knew the answer, Paul McCartney, and she helped an audience member win a five-year Netflix subscription and a streaming device.


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