How Much Snow To Cancel School? String Cheese Shortage + Soap Operas


Kelly & Michael: How Much Snow To Cancel School?

Have your kids had a snow day yet this year? The amount of snow it takes to cancel school varies depending on where you live. Michael shared a map of the US, and most of the bottom half of the country would cancel school over any amount of snow.

As you make your way to the Midwest, it takes at least three inches, and the farther north you go, it could take up to two feet of accumulation to to shut down the schools. Kelly recalled the Southern storms that snowed students into schools overnight.


Meanwhile, at the Consuelos household, Kelly’s kids threw ice in the toilet, wore their pajamas backwards, and prayed to Mexican worry dolls. Her two oldest kids got the day off, but Joaquin had to go to school, and he did not understand why the superstitions did not pay off for him.

Kelly and Michael: Soap Opera Comeback

How Much Snow To Cancel School? String Cheese Shortage + Soap Operas

How much snowfall and accumulation would it take to cancel school? The answer varies depending on where you live and what your area is prepared for.

Kelly Ripa got her start in television on the soap opera All My Children. She and Michael did some quick vamping to demonstrate one the common camera techniques, while people have a conversation while looking at the camera instead of each other.


Soap operas have been up and down, but recent ratings are mounting a comeback. Ripa praised the form, and she thinks that there are some great overlooked performances happening on daytime.

The writing and production values have improved, according to a news report Michael shared. Kelly also thought about shows like Vanderpump Rules, reality soaps that are too outrageous to make up.

Kelly & Michael: String Cheese Shortage

What should you snack on during your snow day? The audience was shocked to learn of Kraft’s announcement of a string cheese shortage. It may be time to stock up, though there have also been warnings about Velveeta, bacon and white wine.

Strahan said that cheese is proven to sell more products and make everything taste better. However, he said he would never put cheese on his donuts, unlike a friend of his. Kelly said she could put cheese on anything. Michael prefers his cheese on sandwiches.

You can share your social media pictures of yourself loving cheese with the hashtag #CheeseLove.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Eric Stonestreet

Diane Pullen from Newnan, Georgia, was on the phone to play for a trip to the St. James’s Club in Morgan Bay, St. Lucia.

What did Eric Stonestreet say was his major in college?

The answer was Sociology, and Diane gets to enjoy a vacation in paradise. She also helped someone in the audience win a set of Lenox china.


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