Moviefone Calls Ending & KISS Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drama


Kelly and Michael: Canada Hockey Gold Medal

Canada won the gold medal in the men’s hockey competition at the Winter Olympics. To celebrate, liquor officials gave a one-time exception to the rules prohibiting serving alcohol before 10 a.m. on a Sunday.

The Olympics are behind us now. Did you have a favorite moment, competition, or victory? Tell me your favorites in the comments.


Kelly said that if she started drinking so early, she would be asleep before the game started. Michael said that tequila can keep him going around the clock, but Kelly did not experience the same effects. However, Michael said that wine and champagne can put him right to sleep.

What countries would medal if drinking were a competitive Olympic sport (or maybe beer pong)?

Kelly & Michael: Moviefone Calls Ending

Moviefone Calls Ending & KISS Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drama

Though the rock band KISS will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the band won’t perform after a dispute about which members should play. (s_bukley /


Moviefone, the service that used to read you the movie times, is ending its phone service line. There will still be an app, which seemed to take both hosts by surprise. They were also stunned to learn that one of their prize sponsors, Fandango, has a similar app for movie times and ticket purchasing. How do you buy your movie tickets these days?

“I thought Fandango was shoes,” Kelly said. Michael prefers buying his tickets before heading to the chaotic theater, so he can print them out ahead of time. Kelly was also shocked that you can now reserve your seats in a theater, which would prevent her family from being split up.

Michael Strahan recalled a recent story where a man found a creative way to deal with his recent breakup for Valentine’s Day. He did an online fundraiser to buy out every other seat in a movie theater for a romantic film, ensuring that no couple could sit together at the showing. The fundraiser was a success.

Kelly and Michael: KISS Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

KISS will not be performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, because they cannot decide which lineup of band members should be given the chance to perform at the milestone event. Should the original crew or the current band members be allowed to perform? Michael Strahan and the audience seemed to agree that the honor should go to the original crew.

Both he and Kelly had KISS toys, like Michael’s lunchbox and Kelly’s dolls, which would sometimes get up to trouble in the Barbie fan.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Kaitlyn Farrington

Joan Caron from Miami, Florida, played trivia for the chance to win a getaway to the La Playa Beach Club & Resort.

In what state did Olympic gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington say she grew up?

The answer was Idaho, and someone from the audience also won a Cuisinart appliance package.


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