Michael Strahan Hall of Fame Tribute Video & #92 Jersey on Live!


Kelly & Michael: Malcolm Smith MVP + Joe Namath Fur Coat

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan looked back on an eventful Super Bowl weekend. Malcolm Smith was named Super Bowl MVP, and Michael showed a clip of a second quarter interception that was one of the game’s great plays. It was clear early on that the Seahawks were going to take it all the way, and Michael said that the prize package for Smith included a new truck.

Joe Namath was in the stadium for the big game, and both hosts noticed his unique coat, because he was prepared for colder weather. He also stole the show by flipping too early during the coin toss.


Kelly and Michael: Bruno Mars Halftime

Michael Strahan Hall of Fame Tribute Video & #92 Jersey on Live!

To celebrate Michael Strahan’s election for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Kelly and the Live! team dedicated a #92 jersey to be hung in the show’s studio. (Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com)

Did you see the halftime show starring Bruno Mars? Michael said that there were a lot of doubters, but the 28-year-old has 18 Grammy nominations and became the youngest-ever Super Bowl halftime headliner. The hosts agreed that Mars is an excellent performer, and his show silenced the doubters.

Then came the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who performed without shirts in the cold. “They don’t typically wear pants, so the fact that they were wearing pants meant that they were fully clothed,” Kelly said. Michael did not believe that the band typically performs as bare as they dare.


Then there were the Super Bowl commercials. Kelly’s picks were the Seinfeld reunion and the Clydesdale-puppy pairing. Michael said that he loved Jerry Seinfeld explaining “the point of the mumble” during the halftime sneak preview.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Hall of Fame Tribute Video

With Michael nominated once again, Live! cameras followed him throughout the weekend to capture some special moments. Strahan did plenty of interviews, and he gave credit to everyone who helped him along the way throughout his football career.

There was also last weekend’s Pat Summerall Award for Michael, and Kelly Ripa credited Strahan and her husband for making her the woman she is today. It seemed like he was constantly on the go until Saturday, when it was all about the wait for news about the hall of fame voting.

Michael was waiting along with close friends on Saturday afternoon, and Jay Glazer was around to break the tension. Finally, the news came out and it was a big thrill for everyone in the room, and Strahan fans everywhere.

That meant that everyone was congratulating him all weekend long, and I’m sure it was a blur of friendly faces and memorable moments. Kelly had to compose herself after the emotional tribute video.

Kelly and Michael: #92 Jersey

Then, the Live! staff surprised Michael by raising a framed #92 jersey on the show’s set to honor his accomplishments. “Boy, has this show changed,” Michael said of the honor. “I didn’t know I looked so nervous.”

Michael wanted to thank Terry Bradshaw, who was not at the game because of the passing of his 86-year-old father, Bill. Strahan sent best wishes and thoughts to Terry and his family.


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