Live!: Worst Vacation Crimes Poll & Kelly Ripa Children like Pancakes


Live!: Worst Vacation Crimes

Kelly Ripa said the worst vacation crime for her is when her kids get into the mini bar and start rearranging things because the mini bars with sensors charge her every time something is moved. She was thankful they weren’t drinking anything from the minibar though.

Michael said a new poll of the worst vacation crimes didn’t have that vacation crime on there but it did have others.

  • Eleven percent of people polled said they think the worst vacation crime is wearing obnoxious tourist gear when out on the town.
  • Sixteen percent of people said not stepping out of your comfort zone is a vacation crime.
  • Skipping exciting plans to get business done.
  • Twenty three percent say sleeping the day away is a crime.
  • The number one crime was constantly checking work emails and voice mails.

Live!: Worst Vacation Crimes Poll & Kelly Ripa Children like Pancakes

Michael Strahan revealed the worst vacation crimes voted on by different people.

Michael said he was guilty of the last one but he also wanted to add his own vacation crime to the list. He said it should be a crime to wear socks with sandals when out on vacation.

Kelly Ripa’s Children Exempt from Being Tourists

Kelly Ripa said she took her family to Italy one year and her children kept complaining of tourists. Kelly explained to them that they were also tourists but they said they were not tourists because they live in SoHo. For some reason her children think since they live an area surrounded by tourists, they aren’t tourists.


Kelly Ripa: Children Are Like Pancakes

Kelly Ripa thinks kids are like pancakes. The first kid is like the first pancake you make. You want to make it perfect but it is always burnt on one side and the other side is still gooey.

She made the analogy because Michael asked her if she would ever clean her child’s pacifier with her mouth. She said with the first child, she would boil it. With the second child she would clean it with her own mouth. With the third child she would just stick the pacifier in the other children’s mouths to clean it.

Michael said a recent study would say Kelly is a good parent for cleaning the pacifier with her own mouth. The study showed that children of parents who clean their pacifiers withe mouth have fewer allergies, have lower rates of eczema and lower rates of a white blood cell that comes with allergies.

Kelly didn’t believe the study because she found a story saying cavities are contagious and you can pass over cavity causing bacteria to the children by sucking on their pacifier.

Put on Purple Day

Michael had a little purple on for Put on Purple Day, a day to raise awareness about lupus. He said he was wearing the purple lupus awareness bracelet  for Snoop Lion’s daughter, who has the disease.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Jean Wetzel was the lucky fan who had the chance to win a trip to Tradewinds Island Resort in Florida during Soar into Summer Travel Trivia. All she had to do was answering the following questions right. Unfortunately she didn’t know the answer  Do you know the answer?

When Jesse Tyler Ferguson was on the show, he told Kelly and Michael he was engaged where? – Mexico.


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