Live With Kelly: What Kids Want For Christmas & Jib Jab Elf Video


Joaquin Consuelos: What Kids Want For Christmas

Kelly Ripa What Kids Want For Christmas

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s son Joaquin hit the streets of New York City to ask kids what they really want for Christmas this year. Kelly Ripa said that Joaquin said he wants to be a roving reporter, and this was his first assignment.


The grade school children Joaquin talked to had lots of different Christmas gift requests. They included a telescope, a pirate ship, a gerbil, a cat, a dog, an iPad, Harry Potter Legos, and an Xbox.

The kids also talked about their experiences with Santa. “He has a red jacket and he has rosy cheeks,” explained one girl. Another boy said he saw Santa on a plane once. Others agreed that he is chubby and has a white bears.

The children were divided on how many elves it takes to make all the Christmas toys, but they did seem to all agree that it must take a large number of them.


One girl is buying her parents a camera. Another is knitting her mother a scarf for Christmas. They planned to leave him a variety of snacks, including the classic cookies and milk, as well as more nutritional selections like carrots.

Spending time with family and unwrapping presents were some of the kids’ favorite Christmas activities.

Live With Kelly: Aloha Watch To Win Contest

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Kelly Ripa Jib Jab Video

The show ended with a Jib Jab animated video featuring the crew of Live With Kelly as dancing elves. Jib Jab is a digital entertainment studio that first became famous for a cartoon video of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry singing “This Land is Your Land” during the 2004 presidential campaign. Mark Consuelos said that viewers could find out how to make their own elf videos by visiting

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos wished everyone happy holidays.


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