Live With Kelly: New Years Resolution Workout & Grape Stomping World Record


New Year’s Workout With Physique 57 & Tanya Becker

Kelly Ripa talked about New Year’s Resolutions. Andy Cohen’s goal is to finish the book he is writing. But many people resolve to exercise more. Kelly Ripa took some of her friends and co-workers to try her favorite workout at Physique 57.

The class is 57 minutes of flexibility, cardio, and strength training. You can use your own body weight to build muscle. “Don’t be afraid to work hard, because what you put in, you get back,” trainer Tanya Becker explained.


The exercises involved using weights while bending the knees. Tanya Becker coached Kelly Ripa and the staff through a variety of repetitions and exercises, providing tips and featuring classics like push ups. They also used balance bars, balls, and other equipment in their workout.

Tanya Becker also introduced a technique called thigh dancing, which incorporates thighs, abs, and arms for exercise. Kelly Ripa started to seem fatigued as the exercise routines went on, but by the end she said she was energized. You can learn more about these fitness routines at

Kelly Ripa Grape Stomping Record


Kelly Ripa & Andy Cohen: Grape Stomping World Record

In an encore segment, Kelly Ripa attempted to break the world record for most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute. The standing record was 5.4 liters. For support, Andy Cohen came out dressed in lederhosen.

Kelly Ripa also welcomed the current record holder, Martina Servaty, from Germany. She said her father is a German wine grower, and her reign as wine queen led to her world record. In America, grape stomping became a pop culture fixture following a classic 1956 episode of I Love Lucy, called “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” featuring famous redhead Lucille Ball stomping grapes in Italy.

Kelly Ripa and Martina Servaty re-created that famous scene by competing for the world record title. Andy Cohen started the one minute clock and the ladies went to work stomping grapes.Kelly Ripa frantically stomped around while Martina Servaty took a more methodical approach.

At the end of one minute, Guinness judge Stuart Claxton shared the results. Both contestants surpassed the previous record of 5.4 liters of juice extracted in one minute. With over 6 liters, a new record was set as a result of this competition.

Later, it was revealed that Kelly Ripa extracted 8.4 liters and Martina Servaty had 8.6 liters, retaining her status as world record holder. But Kelly Ripa added that she learned Martina’s technique, and that she agreed to a rematch in one year. She expects to crush Martina Servaty when they meet again!


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