Live With Kelly: Neil Patrick Harris Guest Host


Live With Kelly: Guest Host Neil Patrick Harris

This week, Neil Patrick Harris is Kelly’s guest host (and personally, one of my favorites.) You may remember NPH as “Doogie Howser, MD” in the 80s. Since then, he has done another one of my fave shows, “How I Met Your Mother,” playing womanizer, Barney. If you have kiddies, you will remember him in The Smurfs movie, released a few months ago. (A second smurf’s movie is rumored to be in the works!)

Doogie, I mean, Barney, I mean Neil, came out into the audience asking, “What’s crackin.”


Live With Kelly Neil Patrick Harris

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You gotta love that! The audience gave him a big applause, with some even giving a standing ovation. In the first conversation of the day, Kelly mentioned NPH’s kiddies being sick backstage. The audience gave the obligatory “awwwwww” and Neil Patrick Harris quickly announced that sick kids were not cute! (Those that are parents would most likely agree.) NPH told the audience that his kid vomited all over the expensive electronic toys. (See? I told you!) Neil Patrick Harris commented that his kid did this over and over and even likened the experience to “The Exorcist.”

Kelly Ripa: Coxsackie Virus

Kelly admitted that she had heard the flu was going around so she was surprised when NPH called them (Kelly and her husband, Mark) to ask for advice. Kelly told the audience that her husband, Mark, bless his soul, always went to his “go to” question: “Was the baby lethargic?” Kelly stated that Mark asked that for everything. My tooth hurt, “Are you lethargic?”, I have a pain in my stomach, “Are You feeling woosy and lethargic?” Kelly offered another diagnosis (seeing as she was a doctor, right? LOL!) Kelly mentioned a disease, that sounded something like, Cocksocki. As you would guess, Neil Patrick Harris had plenty to say to that. (You’ll have to use your imagination for this one.) After some research, I found that the disease Kelly was referring to was something called coxsackie. Coxsackie is a virus that spreads person-to-person, usually on unwashed surfaces contaminated by feces, where they can live for days.


Neil Patrick Harris stated that whatever the disease was, his kid had a rash and was extremely needy. (Gee, that pinpoints it!) NPH stated that since he had 2 kids, there was never a break and he felt like he was juggling babies all the time. Kelly stated that when her son (she didn’t name his name for fear of embarrassing him) was first born, Kelly had fantasies that he would just cuddle up onto her chest and sleep that way for 8-10 hours at a time. (And what a fantasy that was!) In reality, her son would sleep for only 15 minutes at a time, plus, he was nursing. Eventually, the baby got to the point where he would figure it out for himself. To Kelly’s relief, her son eventually found the boob on his own, practically opened up the shirt and fed himself. (Did anyone else see NPH’s face when she was telling this story? He looked mortified.)

In any case, Neil Patrick Harris told Kelly that the kids are feeling better—unfortunately, everything was thrown up on. (Like he couldn’t afford new toys!)

Kelly Ripa: What Not To Wear In Public List

Kelly continued on about her son, Michael, (she accidentally revealed his name and broke her promise of not embarrassing him on the show anymore.) One afternoon, Kelly was taking Michael to the physical therapist for a track injury he had. On that day, her hair was perfect, her outfit was perfect and even her shoes matched. (Ladies, you’ve had a couple of those days, haven’t you—at least one, right?) That day it was raining and she couldn’t find an umbrella, so she changed into the scruffy sweats and pulled her hair back. As soon as she and her son walked out the door, photographers snapped her picture. Kelly was horrified. Her son’s comment was, “I doubt they’re here for you!” (Kids sure do know how to make you feel better, don’t they?) Kelly feared—and rightfully so—the picture would probably end up on some magazine’s “What Not To Wear In Public” list. (Check for that picture and leave a comment when you find it.)

Neil Patrick Harris asked if Michael was okay, seeing as the story was supposed to be about him going to the physical therapist. Kelly stated that yes, all was well, but unfortunately, her son, who was not very active, always seemed to hurt himself when he finally got active.

Neil Patrick Harris & Betty White Kiss

Neil Patrick Harris mentioned that on yesterday’s show, Betty White had given him a big, fat smooch. Translation…he made out with Betty White. (You do know they had to show the clip, right?) It was a REAL kiss on the lips and both looked like they enjoyed it very much. The funniest part was the Barry White Oh Baby music playing in the background as they showed the kiss in slow motion. According to NPH, he was turned on by her kiss, which garnered laughter and shock from the audience. Neil Patrick Harris stated that he admired Betty White so much that he spent the commercials asking her about her stint on the 70s game show, The Match Game. (Anyone over the age of 40 knows what I’m referring to.) Kelly admitted to Neil Patrick Harris that Betty White told her that she was a true fan of him as well. (Do I smell a Love Connection, here?—another 70s game show. Look it up!)

Neil Patrick Harris asked Betty White why she feels that game shows are not a hit today like they were back then. Her response was that game shows featured younger generation contestants and today’s generation does not have the knowledge like they did back then. (Sounds to me like she’s calling today’s generation stupid. LOL!)

Live With Kelly: American Airlines Filed Bankruptcy

News Around The World Story #1:
American Airlines has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This does not mean that it’s going away and in fact, NPH and Kelly assured that AA will still continue their frequent flyer miles and their points. They may even offer great discounts. (Raise your hand if you believe that one?) Neil Patrick Harris stated that when they were taping his show “How I Met Your Mother,” American Airlines would show their episodes on the plane so people had to watch…or they had the option to jump out of the plane to their deaths. Kelly asked NPH if he walked up and down the aisles like a big shot with a fake cigarette in his hands. NPH looked out into the audience and said, “Yeah, a fake cigarette will work well on airplanes, don’t’cha think?”

Live With Kelly: ABCC9 Gene Controls Sleep

News Around The World Story #2:
Kelly stated that a study in Germany, claims that the ABCC9 gene controls how long a person needs to sleep. NPH commented that if you were lazy in the morning, blame it on the gene. (I have no problem with that!) Kelly stated that she goes to bed late and was not a big sleeper. Her father was the same way and her children, aside from her teenage son, don’t need much sleep. However, her sister and mother could sleep for days. NPH stated that he loved sleep. In fact, he could sleep anywhere, anytime. After this show, he’d probably fall asleep in less than 30 seconds. Kelly started making a comment to which NPH promptly “fell asleep.” (I’m sure that’s happened before to Kelly.) Kelly made a joke to stick his finger in warm water. (Ah yes, I remember those days!)

Kelly told the audience that may be the reason for her not sleeping. She told the story of a girl that fell asleep first at the slumber party and the other girls did mean things to her. (She didn’t really get into what those mean things were but I’m sure you can imagine.)

Live With Kelly: Woman Buried With Crucifix Necklace

News Around The World Story #3:
An elderly woman on Long island was buried 3 weeks ago with a crucifix necklace she was given for her first holy communion when she was a young girl. Her children wanted her bodied exhumed to get the necklace back because she was only supposed to wear it for the viewing and not be buried in it because it was a family heirloom. Kelly was conflicted with story because she felt, on one hand, maybe grandmom should keep it because she could hold on to it in everlasting life. Neil thought different and stated that—and I quote—uh, maybe at that point, the kids should just let grandma keep it! “ What eventually happened?” NPH asked. Kelly stated that they’re going to exhume the body. NPH thought it kind of creepy and weird now, considering they were talking about it on television.

What do you think? Grandma should keep it, as Kelly believed or just creepy and weird, like NPH thought. Leave a comment.

Live With Kelly: Spa La-la-la-la Travel Trivia

Contestant: Kathryn Johnson from Perry, MD
Prize: Rosewood Tuckers Point in Bermuda Trip for 7 days, 6 nights valued at $13,000. (Is this a trip or is she putting a down payment on a house?)

Question: On yesterday’s show, how old did Betty White say she’ll be turning on her next birthday day?

Answer: 90 years old!!

Kathryn answered the question correctly (Guess she’s as into Betty White as much as Neil Patrick Harris!). She picked #9 (for her son Owen’s birthday), so audience member #9 received a Jergen’s skin care package and $500.00


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