Live with Kelly: Mark Consuelos vs Kelly Ripa & Bacon Scented Candles


Live! with Kelly: Mark Consuelos Co-Hosts

Mark Consuelos was Kelly Ripa’s co-host today since Michael Strahan is still on vacation.

While he was excited to host the show with his wife, he said he really liked the chemistry between Michael and Kelly.


“Happy wife, happy life,” he joked.

Mark Consuelos Vs Kelly Ripa – Sleep Wars

Kelly and Mark hashed out some marital issues while on the show today which seemed like it could have been awkward but it was actually quite funny.

Apparently, Mark Consuelos is always falling asleep on the couch at 7 in the evening and then Kelly will head off to bed but she won’t wake him up which makes him kind of upset because he doesn’t want to spend the entire night on the couch.


Live with Kelly: Mark Consuelos vs Kelly Ripa & Bacon Scented Candles

Kelly Ripa invited her husband Mark Consuelos on the show to co-host with her and she gave him an early Father’s Day gift, some bacon scented candles.

“Because I’m relaxed in my life with you. I’m at peace and happy. That should make you happy,” said Consuelos on why he is always falling asleep so early.

He falls asleep so often that he actually came up with a way to catch some Zs without Kelly knowing, although she said she knew what he was doing last night. So when he wants to fall asleep while watching TV he puts his hand up like he’s looking at it and then if he falls asleep his hands falls down and he wakes up.

Pretty ridiculous plan but I guess that’s what you have to resort to when you’re married.

Kelly Ripa Father’s Day Gift for Mark Consuelos

For Father’s Day Kelly Ripa got Mark a present from her and the kids.

“Is it a shock collar to wake me up when I fall asleep?” asked Mark.

It wasn’t. She got him some bacon scented decorative candles. Those candles smell really bad though. Have you ever smelled them? Don’t buy them.

Only 5 Percent of Americans Wash Hands Correctly

Mark Consuelos is germaphobe, said Kelly, although Mark said he would use the word clean, which is why she brought up the next story. According to a University of Michigan study, only 5 percent of Americans wash their hands correctly, meaning they use soap and scrub all over for 15 seconds.

Kelly said Mark is in top five percent, which is nice, but she thinks he hogs the bathroom too much. Mark disagreed. He claimed he could shower in under 7 minutes and 45 seconds and then shave, brush his teeth and get dressed in the next three.

“He can do it in under 10 minutes. Every time,” joked Kelly.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Pamela Guilfoil was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a trip to The Westin Hilton Head Resort and Spa but before she answered the question she messed with Mark a little. She brought up him living in Australia for a time and all the speeding ticket he got there. He received so many he got his license suspended while there.

Anyways, she got the question right and she is head to Hilton Head. Do you know the answer?

Kelly Ripa talk with Seth Rogen earlier this week. In what city did he say he grew up in? – Vancouver.


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