Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa Joins The Cast Of Jerseylicious


Kelly Ripa: Jerseylicious

In this taped segment, Kelly Ripa visited the cast of the reality series Jerseylicious to learn about what it takes to be a star stylist. The show is set at Gatsby Salon, owned by Gayle. Kelly Ripa was there to learn what they do there every day. Gayle offered to let her daughter Christie be Kelly’s model for the day.

Jerseylicious: Smoky Eye Technique

Kelly said stylist Olivia is famous for her “smoky eye” technique. It starts with a little bit of primer, which holds everything on. It can be blended with your finger. Next is the shimmer, which gets tapped onto the eye.


Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa Joins The Cast of Jerseylicious

Next you add a matte black around the natural crease of the eye, starting at the outer corner and bringing it out to a point. Kelly Ripa had trouble following sanitary best practices, but Olivia said her eye looked good!

Jerseylicious: Tracy’s Hair Tease Technique

Tracy is the queen of the big tease. Kelly Ripa recalled her own big hair from the ‘80s, but needed a refresher course. Tracy showed Kelly Ripa how to alternate hairspray and hair teasing to create the big Jersey look. Kelly said the difference between then and now is that in the ‘80s you tried to hide the tease, and now you show it off.


Jerseylicious: Filippo’s Shampooing Style

Filippo once visited Live when Regis and Kelly were making pizza. Now he’s the shampoo guy at Gatsby Salon. He showed Kelly Ripa the perfect shampoo. His first tip is to make sure that the nozzle is facing away from the client, so they don’t get wet. Water should be warm, but not too hot. Starting from the top, Filippo and Kelly Ripa scrubbed Christie’s hair.

Kelly Ripa: Jerseylicious Performance Review

Gayle said Kelly Ripa had passed her training and was ready to go to work, spray tanning, shampooing, teasing, doing makeup, consultations, and more. Kelly Ripa said that she had an exciting day on the job. But on her way out the door, Olivia accused Kelly of stealing her bracelet, ending the segment with some typical Jerseylicious reality drama.

Jerseylicious airs on the Style Network, where its fourth season is slated to begin in February 2012.


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