Live with Kelly: Howard Stern Joins America’s Got Talent & Other News


Live With Kelly & Michael Buble

Kelly Ripa and Michael Buble talked about some of the day’s interesting news items during the host chat segment. They discussed Howard Stern’s new job, an earth-shattering rock concert, Christmas cards, and more.

Howard Stern Joins America’s Got Talent

Radio shock jock Howard Stern announced yesterday that he is joining the panel of judges on NBC’s summer reality show, America’s Got Talent. Michael Buble said that Howard Stern is a polarizing personality, but that he enjoys Howard Stern’s candor and looks forward to seeing him on the show. The audience reaction to Howard Stern was lukewarm, but Michael Buble was undeterred in his support of the radio icon.


Kelly Ripa was excited that the show is moving production to New York as part of this new deal.

Kelly Ripa & Michael Buble

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She said she always likes it when productions take place in New York. Michael Buble said he thought that many shows were filmed in New York, but Kelly Ripa claimed that many shows are shot elsewhere and made to look like New York.


Foo Fighters Concert Causes Geological Tremors

Kelly Ripa shared a story about a Foo Fighters concert on December 13 in New Zealand. The excited crowd of 50,000 caused geological tremors to be recorded about two kilometers from the site of the concert. Jack Black’s Tenacious D was the opening act, followed by the Dave Grohl-led Foo Fighters. Michael Buble said that Dave Grohl is a great rock musician and the earth should move for him.

Dumb Criminals Call 911 on Themselves

Michael Buble shared a story about inept thieves in Wisconsin. They stole various electronics items from a Target store. As they left the scene and discussed their crime, one of the suspects accidentally dialed 911 on the cell phone in his pocket. The dispatcher was able to hear the details of their plan to sell the items. The 911 dispatcher alerted authorities, who intercepted and arrested the pair.

Michael Buble said he is often embarrassed when he Butt Dials someone and they overhear something he says. Kelly Ripa said she keeps her cell phone locked and in her purse, so she does not Butt Dial anyone. But she did accuse her husband, Mark Conseulos, of constantly Butt Dialing her.

Kelly Ripa: Baby Seal Makes Itself At Home

Kelly Ripa shared another story from New Zealand. A baby seal let itself into a family’s home, where it made itself comfortable and took a nap on the couch. Kelly Ripa showed several pictures of the seal in the family’s living room. She said that she dreams of having a baby left on her doorstep for her to raise as her own. But this story made her think it would be fun to have a baby seal.

Michael Buble said that it would be adorable until it grew to 500 pounds and started barking all the time. Then the two did their best seal impressions. I like to imagine the reactions of people who tune in at moments like this, when Kelly Ripa and Michael Buble are flopping and barking on the Co-Host desk.

Are Christmas Cards a Dying Tradition?

Michael Buble asked Kelly Ripa how many Christmas Cards she receives each year. She said that between her position on the show and the parents of her three children’s classmates, she receives hundreds of holiday cards. Michael Buble said he also receives a multitude of cards from his fans, which he enjoys reading in the bathtub by candlelight, except for the creepy ones. But according to a news report, 35% of Americans surveyed receive 10 or fewer Christmas Cards each year.

Spa La La La La Travel Trivia

Today’s trivia contestant was Diana Gasparovic from Toronto, Ontario. She was playing for a vacation to the St. James Club in Antigua. The seven-day, six-night package is $7,000. Michael Buble wished her luck. He said he hoped she answered correctly, since he footed the bill for yesterday’s caller, who answered incorrectly.

Today’s question was: “Where was Live on remote when Lady Antebellum last appeared on Live?” The answer is Prince Edward Island. Diana answered correctly.

The audience member in seat 3 received a Jergens skin care gift package and $500.



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    Kelly absolutely ruined the story about the baby seal. She needs a strong personality beside her to balance out her need for everything to be about her…take note Gelman!!!!

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