Live with Kelly and Michael: Oscars Predict The Winners Contest Prizes


Kelly & Michael: Oscars Predict The Winners Contest

Kelly and Michael explained the concept of their Oscars Predict The Winners Contest, open now through Oscar Sunday, and Michael Strahan took cameras along for his busy weekend of Super Bowl festivities in New Orleans.

Kelly & Michael: Predict The Winners Contest

Live with Kelly and Michael: Oscars Predict The Winners Contest Prizes

Kelly and Michael explained how viewers can win big at home thanks to the Oscars Predict The Winners contest. Find out the prizes and how to enter to win. (StacieStauffSmith Photos /


Are you really good at picking award show winners? If you always have the best ballot at your Oscar party, this contest is for you. You can visit Kelly and Michael’s website to play in the Predict The Winners contest.

The prizes include a weekly drawing for a two-year Netflix subscription with a streaming device and a grand prize vacation to the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia. Your great choices could land you on an $8,000 vacation.

Ballots are being accepted through 3 p.m. ET on Oscar Sunday, so be sure to enter on Kelly and Michael’s official website for your chance to win.


Kelly and Michael: Best Super Bowl Concert Ever

Michael Strahan spent the weekend in New Orleans for Super Bowl weekend festivities, including VH1’s Best Super Bowl Concert Ever and the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. Michael took a camera crew along for the excitement of his whirlwind weekend.

He got the chance to help kick off the concert, to the cheers of the audience, including at least one in a Strahan jersey.

Kelly & Michael: DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl

Later, at a DirecTV event, he posed for more photos and took in entertainment. He also got to play on a team with Neil Patrick Harris and many others. Harris feared he would be the only person bad at football.

Michael Strahan MVP Celebrity Beach Bowl

Who came out on top in the Celebrity Beach Bowl? Michael’s team won the game, but I wonder how the sand field changes the experience for a pro baller. After the game, Deion Sanders congratulated him on being named the MVP.

Snoop Lion laughed about Michael being doused in Gatorade after the celebrity event. I can’t believe I missed that. It looked more entertaining than the actual Super Bowl. They could’ve at least shown highlights during the power outage.


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