Live!: What Not to Do at a Job Interview & What are Monkey Nuts?


Kelly & Michael: What Not To Do During a Job Interview

Live!: What Not to Do at a Job Interview & What are Monkey Nuts?

Kelly and Michael looked at an article talking about what not to do at a job interview and a grocery store was forced to get rid of the food called monkey nuts.

CNBC recently put an article up on their website talking about the most outrageous things some people have done during a job interview.

  • One women was texting during the interview.
  • Helicopter parents – One young man brought his father with him to a 45 minute interview and another had his father call the office after the interview was finished so his father could negotiate a better salary.
  • A college senior brought her cat into the interview with her and during the interview was playing with the cat.

Kelly said something similar happened to her one time when she was looking to hire a nanny. When the nanny came in, Kelly asked her if she wanted water and the women replied wondering when she would get paid.

Grocery Store Forced To Get Rid Of Monkey Nuts

A super market chain was forced to pull monkey nuts off their shelves after they were sued for not properly labeling the package. For anyone who doesn’t know what monkey nuts are, like me about five minutes ago, they are peanuts with the shell still on, according to Michael Strahan.

He said the people who sued the grocery store said the packaging needed to be labeled with a warning that the package contained peanuts even though the peanuts were packaged in a transparent bag.


“They must have been disappointed the monkey nuts were not monkey nuts,” Strahan said.

Kelly & Michael: Soar Into Summer Trivia

Cathy Harris was the lucky fan who got to play Soar into Summer Trivia. This medical transcriptionist had the chance to win an all expense paid vacation to Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona as long as she could answer the follow questions correctly.

  •  Earlier in the week, Robert Downey Jr. was on the show. He told Kelly and Michael he spent his 48th birthday where? – Seoul, South Korea.


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