Live!: Seth Meyers Taking Over Late Night & Barbara Walters Retiring


Barbara Walters Announcing Retirement

Barbara Walters is going to be announcing her retirement today but Michael figured everyone would still see her on TV at times. However, in the article announcing her retirement, Walters said she is getting out of the business for good. No more interviews. No more being on TV. No more Barbara Walters.

Seth Meyers Taking Over for Jimmy Fallon

Live!: Seth Meyers Taking Over Late Night & Barbara Walters Retiring

Seth Meyers has been named a host for late night programming, AJ Clemente finally landed a job and Barbara Walters is announcing her retirement today.


With Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show, executives have named Seth Meyers as the person taking over Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Hopefully they change the name of the show for him.

AJ Clemente has a Job (as a Bartender)

Remember the TV anchor was fired for cursing on TV? Well he finally got a job but it isn’t in the line of work he was hoping for. AJ Clemente has taken a job as a bartender in Delaware. While it might not have been the job he wanted, Clemente said he is fine with being a bartender. He had to make money somehow.

Live TV App

ABC has a new app you can download which allows user to watch live programming from ABC stations on their iPad’s or smartphones. The app, called Live, is only available in New York City and Philadelphia and is only free for a limited time.


Kelly and Michael were excited about it because now you can watch Live! using Live.

Wisconsin Women Mistakes Frogs Mating for Loud Music

A women in Wisconsin called the police to complain about her noisy neighbors playing loud music. When the police arrived, they noticed it was not the neighbors make the noise. It was actually a bunch of frogs mating in the backyard.

Live! played a clip of the mating noise and it sounded nothing like music. It really just sounded like frogs.


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