Live: Runaway Bride Takes $72,000 & Man Slashes Tires as Pickup Line


Michael Strahan, Gerard Butler & Seal’s Dinner Plans

Michael Strahan said that he watched the show everyday during his vacation week. He got to sleep in and recharge at his home in Los Angeles. He went out to lunch with Randy Jackson, who was Kelly Ripa’s co-host of Live on April 15 2013.

Michael ran into their past guests. Kelly said she would pay to witness Gerard Butler, Seal and Michael guys’ night out. Michael said he missed Kelly and Kelly did an impression of Nicki Minaj and called Michael her “ladybug.”


Kelly & Michael: Donate Money for Families Hurt by Boston Bombers

There are conflicting reports about how many firearms they have found in the homes of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing. 

The surviving brother, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, has a throat injury that is preventing him from speaking. He is writing down his answers to the police questions. They are also going to question the wife of the older brother, Tamerlan.

Michael said that we should stop focusing on the two men and start recognizing the first responders for their bravery. Kelly Ripa said they are trying to understand how these two seemingly average men could do something like this. How do you get that angry to want to do damage on this scale?

ADVERTISEMENT is where you can go if you want to donate and help the families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Who Has a Photo of Michael Strahan in a Hospital Gown?

Hospitals have designed a new gown for patients of all sizes. Michael Strahan thinks that gown sounds like a fairy tale. He’s so tall and broad that the gowns never fit. This new gown is wrap around style with snaps that allows patients full coverage. Michael called for a sample of these gowns so that he can see if they really fit.

A bride ran away after just two days of marriage, taking $72,000 of wedding gifts and her rings with her. Should she had to give it all back?

A bride ran away after just two days of marriage, taking $72,000 of wedding gifts and her rings with her. Should she had to give it all back?

Kelly & Michael: 27 Hours of Treading Water & Floating by 50 Year-Old Surfer

Michael was fascinated by the story of the 50-year-old surfer that fell overboard and survived 27 hours at sea. The man got seasick and fell over the edge of the ship after passing out. He survived by treading water and floating on his back for 27 hours. The man suffered sunburns, dehydration and jellyfish stings.

5 Sets of Twins Born in 5 Hours – St Vincent Hospital in Billings, Montana

A hospital in Montana set a record when five sets of twins were born in five hours. It’s a world record for number of twins born in an amount of time.

Michael Strahan: Pickup Lines Including 25-Year-Old Who Slashes Tires to Meet Women

Michael Strahan said that a 25-year-old man was slashing tires to meet women. He would see a beautiful woman get out of her car and watch her walk into a store. He would go and slash her tire and then watch for her to come back. The man would strike up a conversation about getting help and then get her phone number. He was busted when two friends discovered he had targeted both of them.

Kelly Ripa said “that is a Lifetime movie of the week creepy” situation.

Runaway Bride Married Man & Ran Off with $24,000 Ring & $48,000 Gifts

A runaway bride turned into a runaway thief when she married a man and left two days later with their gifts and wedding ring. The husband said that she took $72,000 in gifts, checks and the rings.

Kelly & Michael: If You Break Off an Engagement, Do You Get the Ring Back?

Kelly said that depending on who breaks up that determines who gives the ring back. Michael thinks that if you don’t want to be with the man you give it all back.

How Many Kids Are in Susan Sarandon’s Family?

William Lambert from Leesburg, Virginia was today’s March Into Spring Travel Trivia contestant. See if you knew the answer today’s trivia question.

How many kids did Susan Sarandon say she is the oldest of?

Answer: Nine kids

The problem is that Friday’s show was not on in many areas because of the Boston manhunt coverage. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan wanted to give him the prize, but their producers must have said no deal.


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