Live!: Redesigned Hospital Gowns & Hands-on-the-Hips Pose Positivity


Kelly Ripa Part Of an Engagement Scavenger Hunt

Kelly Ripa had quite the weekend. While she didn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, she did have some pre-Cinco de Mayo fun. She explained that one of her long-time friends got engaged over the weekend, and her fiance wanted to do something special for the engagement so he decided to have a scavenger hunt for his soon-to-be wife.

Well, the first clue was on her roof and as she walked out onto the roof she saw Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark, standing on the roof. Kelly said the moment she and her friend looked at each other, they both started to cry.


Bette Midler In I’ll Eat You Last

The day before the scavenger hunt Friday, Kelly said she went to see Bette Midler in I’ll Eat You Last which she said was wonderful. She could not figure out why Bette Midler did not get a Tony nomination for her role saying it was unbelievable how excellent she is in the role.

Live!: Redesigned Hospital Gowns & Hands-on-the-Hips Pose Positivity

Kelly and Michael looked at the new hospital gown, Kelly Ripa helped her friend get engaged and the hands on the hips pose boosts confidence in women.

New York Times Study Says Hands On the Hips Pose Confidence Booster

A new study in the New York Times has found the hands on the hips pose that has become quite popular lately is excellent for reassuring yourself and making you feel confident. The study also found it to be the best pose for showing off an outfit as well and that it can make you feel positive and at ease for up to 20 minutes.


Kelly Ripa said her mother-in-law does a similar pose but she calls it the Wonder Woman pose because she puts both of her hands on her hips and stares straight ahead. She said she wants to bring some photos of the pose on the show but she has to find a day her mother-in-law is not watching.

Henry Ford Innovation Institute Redesigns Hospital Gown

The Henry Ford Innovation Institute has taken the hospital gown and redesigned it from back to front. Kelly Ripa modeled the outfit while Michael Strahan pointed out the new features.

The new gown has a closed back with an access spot, buttons in the front to hold the gown together, buttons on the sleeves to allow for easier IV access and it was designed to look like a wrap around robe to make it more fashionable. They even did away with the paper-like material used for the old gown and instead used cotton and polyester for the new gown.

The best part for Michael was that it even fit him. He said the old hospital gowns say one size fits all but he said that was not true. Hospital gowns are like belly shirts for him.

Last Day For Top Teacher Week Voting

Three p.m. is the deadline for voting on the best teacher from Top Teacher Week. The Top Teacher Week contenders are:


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