Live!: Psy Viral Video & McDonald’s Employee Spots Stolen SUV


Kelly & Michael: Psy Viral Video

On Tuesday, May 21, Kelly & Michael will host a new performance from Korean pop singer Psy. During a previous appearance on the show, Kelly, Michael, and Psy filmed a viral video which has now reached over 1.2 million hits on YouTube. Kelly and Michael took a look and relived their excellent dance moves, even while the set was being changed around them!

Kelly & Michael: McDonald’s Employee Spots Stolen SUV

Live!: Psy Viral Video & McDonald's Employee Spots Stolen SUV

Kelly & Michael discussed their popular viral video starring Psy and a McDonald’s employee who spotted her stolen SUV at the drive-thru. (Helga Esteb /


Talk about luck! Kelly and Michael shared the story of a McDonald’s employee from Washington who spotted her stolen SUV at the drive-thru while working. As it turns out, the thief had stopped to pick up an ice cream sundae, and was nabbed by police while waiting to be served. What are the chances?

Sometimes, things just work out for the best! Michael experienced this when someone tried to use his name and ID at a pharmacy for illegal prescription drugs. His teammate Ryan Clark’s wife actually worked there and stopped the man who stole Michael’s identity.

In a (sort of) related story, a cable guy visited Kelly’s mom and noticed the picture of “Kelly Ripka” on the piano. He said that he had been engaged to her once, even though it was a complete lie. Didn’t he realize the name of his current customer was also Ripa? I guess some people don’t put two-and-two together!


Soar into Summer Travel Trivia: Connie Britton

Caller Desiree from New Jersey won a trip to the St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado. She correctly answered the following Soar into Summer Travel Trivia question: In what 1996 film did Connie Britton almost appear, but lost the role to Renee Zellweger? The answer is Jerry McGuire.

Plus, one lucky audience member took home a set of Lenox China.


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