Live!: Psy Impersonator at Cannes & Leonardo DiCaprio Space Flight


Kelly & Michael: Female Robber Has Finger Bitten Off

A female robber recently had her finger bitten off by a sneaker salesman who was shot by her accomplice. The victims finger was then used to find the perpetrator. Police simply waited for a call to the hospital to come in talking about a missing finger that needed to be attached.

Kelly couldn’t figure out why the woman left her finger. If she had robbed that show store, she would have made sure to bring her finger with her.


Win a Trip with Leonardo DiCaprio to Space

Leonardo DiCaprio is offering one crazy prize at the amfAr auction. He is offering a prize to go with him on one of the first space flights offered to civilians by Virgin Galactic Space Flights.

Live!: Psy Impersonator at Cannes & Leonardo DiCaprio Space Flight

Kelly Ripa and Carson Kressley looked at a story about a Psy impersonator at Cannes and Leonardo DiCaprio is offering a trip with him to space.

Cannes Tricked by Psy Impersonator

A man dressed up as Psy tricked everyone at the Cannes Film Festival. The man dresses as Psy was given tons of freebies, given admission to secret designer parties and he got ahold of the mic behind the DJ booth where he performed a song for everyone in the audience.


No word on who the man is but he will forever be etched into the many people’s minds who thought he was the real Psy. Interesting enough the real Psy posted a message on Twitter telling everyone to say hi to the impersonator for him.

Jon Hamm and Daniel Craig Setting New Standard for Cosmetic Surgery

Jon Hamm and Daniel Craig are the two men everyone wants to be and it seems like people are starting to make the transformation with some cosmetic surgery. Kelly Ripa said Hamm’s and Daniels’ chins are two of the most requested cosmetic surgeries for men.

Kressley also pointed out the article said men are moving away from cuter noses to something a bit more manly.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Diane Sendel was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a vacation to The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa. Sendel, who seems to be a regular on Live!, said she was just at the taping with Jimmy Kimmel and she had a wonderful time at the show.

Anyways, she won the prize by answering the following questions correctly.

While on the show the other day, Morgan Freeman told Live! he received his latest honorary doctorate from where? – Boston University.


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