Live!: Powerball Jackpot $350 Million & Mark Laita Serpentine Review


Kelly & Michael: Powerball Jackpot At $350 Million

The Powerball Jackpot hit $350 million this past week after an $80 million surge this past weekend. Michael said he sent his assistant Jose out to get some tickets for him, saying if he won, Jose was not going to have to work another day in his life if he didn’t want to.

Kelly Ripa said if she won she would still end up coming to work but she would be quite a bit more lax about her job. As for the commercial breaks that always interrupt the interviews, Kelly said she would just pay for them by herself.


“This commercial break is brought to you by Kelly Ripa,” she said, miming the a voice-over.

Live!: Powerball Jackpot $350 Million & Mark Laita Serpentine Review

Kelly and Michael discussed what they would do if they won the $350 million Powerball Jackpot and they looked at Mark Laita’s new book Serpentine.

Mark Laita – Dangerous Snake Photographer

Mark Laita is a photographer who takes photos of dangerous snakes and his newest book is hitting stores this week, titled Serpentine. Kelly was hoping there were be a point in the show someday when they could get Michael to be a snake photographer for a day.


“That is one time that you will physically have a very hard time getting me there,” said Michael, who is deathly terrified of snakes.

Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia Game – Sandy Nichols

Sandy Nichols was the lucky fan who had the chance to play Soar into Summer Travel Trivia where she played for an all expenses paid trip to Tradewinds Islands Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida.

She won the price by answering the following question correctly.

What did Michael say his middle name was during yesterday’s show? – Anthony.


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