Live!: Miguel Injures Audience Member & Kelly Ripa Met Valentino


Michael Strahan: Gambling in Las Vegas

Kelly & Michael were welcomed by a wild audience for Host Chat, where Michael discussed his wild weekend in Las Vegas. “How much money did you lose?” Kelly asked her co-host nervously. Michael assured everyone that he didn’t bet too much, because he isn’t much of a gambler.

Live!: Miguel Injures Audience Member & Kelly Ripa Met Valentino

Kelly & Michael discussed iconic fashion designer Valentino and how singer Miguel accidentally injured a fan. (s_bukley /


Michael did spend time in a private room with some pretty high rollers, though. His friends were betting thousands of dollars per chip, but Michael stayed safe at $25 per chip. He didn’t win big, but he also didn’t lose big, so it sounds like Michael made the right decision.

Kelly & Michael: Jackpot Lotto Winner

Someone who definitely won big over the weekend was the Lotto winner, who pocketed approximately 600 million dollars. The lucky citizen hails from Zephyrhills, Florida. Michael and Kelly both couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

When she bought her lotto ticket, Kelly’s kids told her that she has a better chance of getting struck by lightning. However, Kelly’s bedroom was hit by lightning as a little girl, so she believes this increases her odds.


Kelly Ripa Met Valentino

Though she didn’t win the jackpot, Kelly did get lucky over the weekend. She had the chance to meet one of her “fashion idols,” iconic designer Valentino. She reminded everyone of the time she wore a couture Valentino dress and got the train stuck on an escalator. Thankfully, she didn’t relay this story to Valentino when she met him.

Since Mark speaks Italian, Kelly was hoping that he and Valentino would strike up a conversation in the designer’s native tongue. Instead, Mark kept giving one-word answers, and Kelly had to do all the work in the conversation. He was obviously trying to play it cool in front of the fashion legend.

Kelly & Michael: Miguel Audience Member Injury

Did anyone watch the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend? Michael caught the show, and enjoyed the performances by both Miguel and Prince. However, there was definitely a scary moment hidden within Miguel’s show, for anyone who caught it. When the artist decided to jump over the audience and land on the other side of the stage, one audience members got caught in the crossfire. Later, Miguel tweeted that she was okay, but still, the footage is pretty frightening! She appeared to be crushed by the singer as he landed on the stage. Michael suggested that Miguel fans take some WWE wrestling lessons before they head to his shows!


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