Live!: Michael Strahan at a Rihanna Concert & Psy, Live!’s Viral Video


Live: Kelly Ripa Shooting New Electrolux Commercials

Kelly Ripa has been pretty busy lately. She told Michael Strahan she has been shooting new commercials for Electrolux and she loves being on set. They have these huge cameras on set that can do some pretty cool movie magic. Kelly said these cameras are so much fun to use she feels like she is shooting a new Star Wars movie.

Michael Strahan At Rihanna Concert

While shooting commercials with crazy cameras sounds pretty fun, Michael said he probably had more at the Rihanna concert last night. He said the opening act, ASAP Rocky, was excellent and Rihanna wasn’t late to the concert, pointing out that she was three hours late to her last concert.


Live!: Michael Strahan at a Rihanna Concert & Psy, Live!'s Viral Video

Michael Strahan went to the Rihanna concert last night and loved it, and Live’s video with Psy went viral after two days, gaining 400,000 views.
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“I can’t do late,” Michael said. “I have until 10:30.”

Luckily, she came out about 30 minutes after ASPAP Rocky and played an excellent show. Michael said what surprised him most about the concert was how many hit songs Rihanna has. He was thinking she would run out after she played some big hits right off the bat but he said they just kept coming.


Besides listening to the music, Michael said his favorite part of the show was watching all the boyfriends who came with their girlfriends look all stern for a few songs and then when “Only Girl (In the World)” comes on, they start jumping around singing. Michael admitted he was just as guilty as them when the song came on.

Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan & Psy Dance Video Goes Viral

When Psy was on the show earlier this week, he danced with Kelly and Michael because they said they wanted to have a viral video like his. While their video didn’t reach the millions, after only a few days it has been viewed 400,000 times but after watching the video, I think Kelly Ripa wished no one watched it.

In Ripa’s head, she is like a backup dancer for Janet Jackson but in real life she really isn’t good at dancing.

To prove her point that she can’t dance (not that she needed to), Kelly showed the video from a few years ago when she and Gelman tried to recreate Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” She called that attempt at dancing her “Night of the Living Dead Tribute.”


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