Live!: Man Bites Dog Game Review & English Couples Blending Surnames


Kelly & Michael: Man Bites Dog Headline Making Game

One of the reasons Kelly Ripa loves Top Teacher Week is because her son Joaquin has dyslexia and dysgraphia. He attends a special school with outstanding teachers who work with him and others like him who suffer from a number of other mental handicaps.

Live!: Man Bites Dog Game Review & English Couples Blending Surnames

Kelly Ripa brought the headline making game, Man Bites Dog, on the show to play with Michael and they found out English couples are blending their surnames.


Every morning when her son wakes up he loves getting the New York Post off the table and reading Ripa all the headlines from the day. Although the Post doesn’t always have the most G-rated headlines, Ripa said as long as her son is reading, he can read four letter words as far as she is concerned.

Anyways, one of Ripa’s friends recently turned her onto the headline making game Man Bites Dog, where the object of the game is to make the best headline from the five cards you get at the beginning of the round. Ripa had so much fun playing with her family the other night she brought the game with her to the show so she could play a round with Michael.

Kelly’s headline – Model Tells on Star


Michael’s headline – Angel Weeps for Last TV

Kelly won because Michael’s didn’t even make sense.

Kelly & Michael: English Couples Blending Surnames

While it may customary for a women to take the last name of her husband, in England a trend of blending surnames has taken over the customary taking of the husband’s last name.

For example, Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, would take the name Conripa or Ripsuelos.

If Kelly and Michael were married they would have the last name of Stripa most likely.

Would you have a funny name if you combined your last name with your husband’s? And why would people want to get rid of their last name? It is like stripping yourself of your heritage.


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