Live!: Kelly Ripa Recurring Dream Meaning & Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Loves Dancing With the Stars

Michael Strahan loves watching Dancing With the Stars. He said his favorite part is watching the athletes learn how to dance because you can see their discipline shine through and it is simply amazing to watch them learn so quickly.

The only athlete Michael had something to say about was Emmitt Smith. He couldn’t figure out why he was always coming out in a shirt with tassels.


Kelly Ripa Doesn’t Agree with Dancing With the Stars Judges

We all know Kelly Ripa loves the show but she has a problem with the judges.

She remembered a time when Mario Lopez was dancing and he did a perfect pasa doble but he scored a nine because of some minor error. Next out is Emmitt Smith in an all green suit and he gets a perfect score on his dance that was not half as good.

Live!: Kelly Ripa Recurring Dream Meaning & Truckin' Amazing Cook-Off

Kelly Ripa finally found out what her recurring dream means and she and Michael met the first contestant for their Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off.


While Kelly wanted everyone to be judged the same, Michael figured if you have some type of dancing background, which Mario kind of does, then they should be judged more harshly than an athlete or an actress or has never danced before.

He pointed out that Nicole Scherzinger is always getting good scores but it is because her whole career involved dancing.

Suzette Steward Thanks Kelly and Michael for Top Teacher Week

Suzette Steward, one of the teachers from Top Teacher Week thanked Kelly and Michael on the show by sending them some pictures of her class celebrating with all their new technology and another picture of them out have fun at a Texas style BBQ.

Kelly Ripa Recurring Tidal Wave Dream

Kelly Ripa used to have a recurring dream about a tidal wave and she finally found out what it meant on the show today. She told Michael she used to have this dream where she as on a beach in Hawaii at a luau and she walks away from the party for a moment. This little dog starts following her and it keeps barking but she ignores it. Then she looks ahead and she can see something but she can’t make it out in the dark. She keeps getting closer and closer until she finally realizes it is a tidal wave about to crash on her.

Gelman looked up what it meant and told her it means she is keeping her feelings bottled up.

Mustache Mobile – Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off Finalist

One of the finalist from the Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off made it to the show today. Mike “The Butcher” Halk  brought his award winning cheesesteak recipe with him to the show but it wouldn’t have happened without his dog.

Mike said he found out about the competition when he dog started howling just as he was about to leave for work. He walked back into his bedroom to find out why the dog was barking and Live! was on the TV with Kelly and Michael talking about the cook-off. He knew he needed to sign up.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia – Trish Hauk

Trish Hauk was the lucky fan who got a chance to win a dream vacation to St. James’s Club but this fish lover from North Dakota got the questions wrong. See if you can get the right answer.

Who did Trace Atkins say he lost to when he first appeared on Celebrity Apprentice?Piers Morgan.


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