Live!: Kelly Ripa Flash Clubbing & 15% Percent Raise for a Tattoo


Kelly & Michael: Afternoon Nightclubs In New York City

According to Kelly and Michael, the big day to party in New York City is on Thursday for some reason but not everyone has to wait until it gets dark out to have a good time. The New York Times has a new article saying the latest place to hang out in the afternoon is at a nightclub. The article went on to say there are a growing number of young workers who “would rather dance than stand in line at Chipotle.” While promoters of afternoon nightclub sessions said it is more about networking and less about drinking, the pictures of people crammed into the clubs would seem to suggest differently.

Live!: Kelly Ripa Flash Clubbing & 15% Percent Raise for a Tattoo

Kelly and Michael look at the new trend in NYC to hit the nightclubs around noon, and Kelly debuted her flash clubbing idea, like flash mobs but with a DJ.


Kelly said she saw a nightclub open in the afternoon the other day and she felt like she was on a different planet or something.

Kelly and Michael Flash Clubbing

The idea of an afternoon nightclub gave Kelly the great idea to start flash clubbing, a practice similar to flash mobs but with a DJ to play music. Michael said they would need to keep Gelman outside so he could bail them and the audience out of jail if they went through with the flash clubbing.

“We break in and we just take over,” Kelly said.


Real Estate Company Offering 15 Percent Raise For Company Tattoos

A real estate company in New York City is offering it’s employees a 15 percent raise if they get the logo for the company tattooed on them. Well, Kelly is actually way ahead of the trend. She has had a Live! tattoo on her arm for years. She showed it to everyone but it was clearly fake.

Michael couldn’t believe someone would get a tattoo for a raise but everyone in the audience went crazy when he asked if they would do it. Michael doesn’t seem to be a fan of tattoos though. He doesn’t have any and he said he never will.

“You would not put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari,” he said to Kelly, who has a “Consuelos” tattoo on her wrist, when she asked why he wouldn’t get one.

Would you get your company’s logo tattooed on you for a 15 percent raise? Let us know in the comments.


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