Live!: Kelly Ripa Fears Turtlenecks & Soar into Summer Travel Trivia


Live!: Kelly Ripa Fears Turtlenecks & Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Kelly Ripa revealed she has a fear of turtlenecks because she was an ugly child and one lucky fan had a chance to play Soar into Summer Travel Trivia.

Live! Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Hates Calling Babies Cute

While Michael Strahan looked at some of the craziest names rejected by the New Zealand government he went off on a little tangent about hating having to call some babies cute, pointing out that not all babies are cute.


Kelly Ripa agreed with him but she could tell when people are lying about a cute baby. When she went to her obstetrician, the woman told her she had such a cute baby but she told the obstetrician she didn’t have to say that if she didn’t mean it. The obstetrician told her she wasn’t lying. When she and the other doctors see an ugly baby they simply say, “Oh, what a baby!”

Kelly Ripa Has Fear Of Turtlenecks

When Kelly Ripa was a baby, no one was calling her cute. She said she was such a funny looking baby her mother used to hide her face with a blanket so people would stop asking what was wrong with her daughter.

“I now have a fear of turtlenecks,” a serious Ripa said.


I wonder what a fear of turtlenecks is called? Vestiphobia is a fear of clothing so I guess turtleneckaphobia is probably the medical term for Kelly’s strange fear.

Ripa also revealed she was born via foreceps delivery, a procedure where the doctor sticks a tong-like tool into the mother and grips the baby’s head to get them out safely. That probably had something to do with her looking strange as a child.

Club Allows People To Listen To Their Own Music With Headphones

Have you been thinking Fecebook, Twitter and the internet have not been a big enough disconnect from society for you? Good news. A new club is allowing people to listen to their own music via headphones you wear around the club.

Michael Strahan thought it was a really dumb idea, pointing put how difficult it can be to dance with someone who is off beat already. No there will be hundreds of people, all dancing to different beats, trying to dance with each other.

I hope they turn the lights down low. That would not be a pretty scene inside the club.

As Michael demonstrated some “dance moves” to the audience , you could tell it has been a while since he tried to move like he did.

“I went from having rhythm to being Elaine from Seinfeld,” Michael Strahan joked.

Soar Into Summer Travel Trivia Contest

Kelly and Michael have their Soar into Summer Travel Trivia contest going on this week and the lucky winner who got a chance to play the game was Lynda Epperso, a mother of two who has a birthday coming up next week.

After Kelly spun the wheel, it landed on a 6 day, 7 night stay at the Westin Diplomat Hotel and Spa, a $4,800 value that includes spa treatments, fine dining at the hotel and golfing.

All she had to do to win was answer the following questions:

  • “On yesterday’s show, Kelly and Michael talked with Jim Parsons. What did a Brazilian scientist name after his catch phrase, ‘bazinga?'”

Epperso got the answer right by saying bee.

She is about to have an unforgettable birthday.


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