Live!: Kelly Ripa Anniversary & Baby Names Rejected by New Zealand


Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa 17 Year Anniversary

Kelly Ripa celebrated her 17-year anniversary yesterday, but it didn’t sound like a very monumental occasion. She said she had dinner with her family, at home, then she watched a documentary about the hunt for Osama bin Laden with her husband and after putting the kids to bed, she and Mark had a glass of champagne and went to “sleep.”

Live!: Kelly Ripa 17 Year Anniversary & Names Rejected by New Zealand

Kelly revealed what she did during her 17-year anniversary the other night and they looked a list of baby names not approved by the New Zealand government.


“Don’t worry about Mark. He is very happy,” joked a glowing Ripa.

She was kind of mad at Michael though. Apparently, he was in her building last night and didn’t even stop up to say hello. He said he was just dropping his friend off and didn’t have time to stop in but he was thinking about ding dong ditching her apartment.

Live: New Zealand Native Must Have Baby Names Approved

People will name their kids anything these days but in New Zealand, all new baby names must be approved by the government. It seems like they are trying to name their kids even crazier names than American celebrities.


“How can you name your kid after a car company,” asked Michael, referring to numerous times he has heard someone call out to their child Chevy or Kia.

Anyways, these are some of the names rejected by the New Zealand government:

  • King
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Justice
  • Lucifer – Six people tried to name their kid Lucifer.
  • Messiah
  • Queen
  • Roman Numerals III
  • . – Yes, someone tried to name their kid period.
  • Mafia No Fear – Kelly Ripa’s favorite.
  • 4 Real
  • V8

Has anyone you know named their baby a crazy name? Michael had a couple he wanted to say but he didn’t in case they were tuned in to the show today.


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