Live!: Carson Kressley Co-Hosts & Dancing With the Stars Fourth Judge


Live!: Carson Kressley Reminisces About Dancing with the Stars

Carson Kressley was filling in for Michael Strahan on Live!, May 23 2013, and he was excited about the opportunity because the second place finalists on Dancing With the Stars were on the show to perform.

Kressley, who was on Dancing With the Stars a few seasons ago, said he gets really excited when the show is about to air but he is always going to remember how difficult it was to learn how to dance. He said he will be walking around New York City and a bunion he developed on the show will start hurting him and remind him of his time dancing.


“It haunts you for several years,” he joked. “You have a podiatric spirit injury for a few years.”

Carson Kressley for Dancing With the Stars Judge

Live!: Carson Kressley Co-Hosts & Dancing With the Stars Fourth Judge

Carson Kressley filled in for Michael Strahan on Live!. He reminisced about his time on Dancing With the Stars and told Kelly he wants to be the fourth judge.
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Dancing With the Stars is looking for a fourth judge on the show and Carson Kressley was very interesting in the position. Hopefully Gelman can hook him up with a judge because Kelly said she doesn’t know anyone that works for the show.


They even joked he could have his first judge audition today when the runners-up from Dancing With the Stars took the stage. He could judge them and then the audience could judge him on his judging abilities.

“I could be like an embedded journalist, like Diane Sawyer in an exotic country,” he said.

Kelly Ripa Explains How Horses Mate

Kelly Ripa was really excited Carson Kressley was on the show today because the other day she was watching Real Sports and saw a segment that reminded her of Carson. It was a segment about horses and she knows he is an world class equestrian.

Anyways, the segment was about how horses that run in the Kentucky Derby mate. The female is given some booties to put on and a bit is placed her mouth. Then the trainers get her position as they bring the male out. Then as the male is ready to mount, the trainers offer him words of encouragement and then the deed is done.

“The whole thing takes like five seconds and there is a lot of neck biting,” said Carson Kressley.


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