Lie in the Afternoon, Los Angeles Gridlock & Giving Birth At Age 54


Kelly and Michael: Giving Birth At Age 54

It is never too late to become a mother again, Michael Strahan explained to Kelly Ripa. Executive producer Michael Gelman suggested it would be good for ratings. Strahan’s impulse is based on the story of a mother in Italy who had her first child at age 54. “I don’t think I’m going to want to have another child when I finally have the other three out of the house,” she predicted.

Strahan added that the oldest recorded birth was at age 57, for a woman in 1997, which means her child is in the late teens and mom is in the 70s. “You need a certain amount of energy to keep track of them,” Kelly said.


Kelly & Michael: Lie in the Afternoon

Lie in the Afternoon, Los Angeles Gridlock & Giving Birth At Age 54

People are more likely to lie in the afternoon as the day wears on, but they are at their most honest in the morning, before lunchtime, said a new study.

A study finds that people are most honest and ethical in the morning, before lunchtime. But later in the day, we are less able to resist temptation as they run out of energy later in the day. The report also found that you are more likely to lie in the afternoon than in the morning.

Michael said if you have suspicions about your family or friends, you should put them on the spot before noon. The hosts said they are less honest than Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, but better than that liar Jimmy Kimmel. “Those people on Nightline are even shadier,” Kelly joked.


Kelly and Michael: Texting and Walking

Do you text and walk? Kelly said that she does not really text and walk, but she will change the music on her phone. News reports find that it’s more dangerous than texting and driving, leading to 41,000 pedestrian emergency room visits from walking and texting.

Despite the statistics, Michael said he would rather text and walk than text and drive, because he feels more likely to survive a collision with another person than with a car. Kelly said that she has been tapped by a car before in a crosswalk, and Michael said he will punch a car’s door if it nearly hits him.

Kelly & Michael: Los Angeles Gridlock

What is the worst American city for gridlock? The audience had countless suggested answers, but no common ground. Michael Strahan reported that Los Angeles is the top city for this traffic problem, spending 64 extra hours behind the wheel. Kelly Ripa experienced the zombie driving caused by rain in the city during Oscars weekend. Three California cities made the top 10 of this list.

Spring It On Travel Trivia: Snowman

Susan Peavler in Prescott, Iowa, was the day’s contestant, who had the chance to escape to the St. James’s Club & Villas in Antigua.

In what state did we say they built a 50-foot snowman?

The answer was Minnesota, and someone in the studio also won a five-year Netflix subscription with a streaming device.


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