Kelly Ripa’s New Haircut & Diaper Apps Tweet & Assess Child’s Health


Kelly Ripa’s New Haircut

Kelly Ripa got another haircut this week. She cut it a few weeks ago, but now she’s cut another two inches off. She said that she cuts her hair like most women grow theirs out, two inches every six months. Ripa hopes to have a chin-length bob by February.

Kelly Ripa's New Haircut & Diaper Apps Tweet & Assess Child's Health

Two new diaper apps are tweeting when your kids needs a change and telling you about their health, based on their urine.


Ripa once had a horrific haircut and it took her years to grow it out and cut it back to normal. She feels like she has finally entered the world of normal people hair.

Michael Strahan said he once tried to cut his daughter’s hair, but he cut it off when it was in a ponytail and everything was off. Strahan said he cuts his hair twice a week, because it bothers him if he doesn’t.

Live! with Kelly & Michael: Diaper Apps Assess Your Child’s Health

Huggies Diapers has developed a device that let’s parents get a tweet when their child’s diaper is wet. As if we didn’t have better things to do. This device will be excellent for those parents that spend all day online, or on their smartphone, and barely look at their children. The device is only available in Brazil.


“Electrical diaper and pee,” Michael Strahan said. “Does not go together.”

So if your baby looks a little shocked, it might be time to check the Diaper App.

A New York-based company has a similar idea. They are making a special diaper and app that will assess you child’s urine. Kelly Ripa was really thrilled by it, but Michael Strahan really thinks it’s useless. The diaper will assess kidney function and dehydration.

“Pretty soon, adults will be wearing these to bars!” Ripa said.

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