Kelly & Michael: Tune in to Win Jetaway Contest & School Day Lengthen


Kelly & Michael: New York City Kids in School Until 6 PM

Twenty public middle schools in New York City are changing the school day around this fall. About 2,000 kids, in grades 6 through 8, are not going to be dismissed until 6 p.m., effectively lengthening their day two and a half hours.

School officials say the lengthened school day is to help the students with literacy problems.


While both Kelly Ripa and Lucy Liu thought it was excellent to put in more time to help students learn, they thought it was crazy to make a student sit in the classroom so long, without any recreation time. Liu pointed out that children have short attention spans already that keeping them in school longer may backfire.

Kelly & Michael: Tune in to Win Jetaway Contest & School Day Lengthen

Kelly Ripa announced Live!’s newest contest, Tune in to Win Jetaway, and she looked at an article about how New York City is lengthening the school day.

Kelly said it could be good for parents. It gives the parents a break but not the kids.


Lucy Liu: Hour Long Time Limit on High Heels

Lucy Liu recently read an article about the limit on how long women should wear high heels. According to the study, women should only wear high heels for just over an hour or they are going to hurt their feet.

Kelly Ripa knows no woman is only going to wear high heels for an hour. She had some more practical advice for high heel wearing women. Never take your heels off at a restaurant because your feet will swell and it will be impossible to get your heels back on.

Kelly Ripa: Women’s Breasts Growing Larger

A new study has revealed women’s breasts have been growing larger over the past few years but Kelly didn’t believe it. She said the companies are just making what was normally an A cup into a C cup now. They are just changing the labels. They did the same thing with jeans. A size zero no used to be a size 6 in the 70s.

“I’m a size zero in jeans with quadruple 38DD breasts,” joked Kelly Ripa.

Kelly & Michael: Tune In To Win Jetaway

Kelly and Michael have a new contest coming up called Tune in to Win Jetaway. All you need to do is look for the special clue each day and then head to their website to to enter the contest.

Really though, you don’t even have to watch. We will have all the special clues here on Recapo.

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