Kelly & Michael Tune in to Win Jetaway Clue & Mark Cuban Shoots Hoops


Kelly & Michael: Tune in to Win Jetaway

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan are continuing their Tune in to Win Jetaway and they chose two audience members to play a game with them before they gave out the Tune in to Win Jetaway clue for a chance to win a trip to the British Virgin Islands.

The audience member on the winning team was given $500.


The game they played on live was Whose Shoes?. Basically, both teams see a picture of shoes and then they have to guess who was wearing those shoes on the show this year. If both teams get the questions wrong, then Gelman showed more of the person, until someone could guess who the shoes belonged too.

Kelly & Michael Tune in to Win Jetaway Clue & Mark Cuban Shoots Hoops

Kelly & Michael played a game with two audience members, watched Mark Cuban shoot some baskets and they also gave out their Tune in to Win Jetaway clue.

Below are the celebrities shoes they showed:


In the end Michael’s team won.

Live’s Tune in to Win Jetaway Clue

The clue for the Tune in to Win Jetaway is SHOES.

Mark Cuban Loses to Michael Strahan in Basketball

Mark Cuban is a self-proclaimed basketball junkie so Kelly Ripa pitted Michael Strahan against Cuban in a head-to-head shoot off. Each of the them had 15 seconds to make as many shots as they could. The winner of the contest got all the bragging rights and they got to take home the Golden Mug.

“And all the marbles,” said Kelly. She really wanted them to remember it was all about the marbles.

Mark got two buckets in the 15 seconds. Michael took home all the marbles by making three shots. He even let the clock tick down to 1 second before he drained the last shot.

Kelly said Mark should let Michael play on The Mavericks one time and then when Michael is away Mark Cuban can co-host the show.

Kelly & Michael Inbox June 18 2013

Dana wrote in and said she heard people have named their kids after Kelly’s character on All My Children, Hayley Vaughan, and that she did the same with her daughter. Kelly was depressed about it because she knows they are all 20-years-old now. Anyways, Dana said when she yells at her daughter now, she always adds Vaughan to the end of daughter’s name.

Katherine Skyped with Kelly and Michael and wanted to know what their biggest mishap had been with public transportation and Kelly had a good story.

Kelly said Michael gave her a handbag for Christmas and she really loves it. Whenever she wants to feel fancy, she wears out her Alexander McQueen knuckle bag. While traveling once, a TSA agent pulled Kelly aside and asked to look inside the overnight bag because the agent thought there were brass knuckles in the bag but it was a just the knuckle bag. They tried to confiscate the bag, but Kelly wouldn’t let them. Long story short, she was finally able to take the bag on the plane with her after another TSA agent okayed the bag.


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