Kelly & Michael: Olympian Lindsey Vonn Drug Tested at CFDA Awards


Kelly & Michael: Lindsey Vonn Drug Tested at CFDA Awards

While at the CFDA Awards the other night, Lindsey Vonn was pulled aside by drug testing officials and told to pee in a cup, which everyone but Michael found weird.

Michael Strahan said it happens all the time to athletes. He remembered a time when he was playing golf with Marshall Faulk, and when they walked into the clubhouse, a man was there to drug test Faulk.


“They can call you at any point,” said Michael. “And if you are on vacation, they will send someone to you.”

Kelly & Michael: Olympian Lindsey Vonn Drug Tested at CFDA Awards

Kelly and Michael found out Lindsey Vonn was drug tested at the CFDA Awards and they looked at story about a woman committing fraud on The Price is Right.
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The actual process of peeing in the cup also sounds really annoying. Michael said since the invention of ways to get around dirty pee, when the “pee man” comes to test for pee, he makes the person drop their shorts to their ankles and then watches as the person pees. Basically from start to finish, this man is watching.


Wedding Ring Reminds of Anniversary by Heating Up

Are you the type of person who forgets anniversaries all the time? Then you are luck. Michael said there is a new ring on the market that will remind you of your anniversary by heating up. The ring works by warming up to 120 degrees every hour for 24 hours before the anniversary.

Sounds like a good way to remember something and a good way to burn your finger.

Women Convicted of Fraud After Appearing on Price is Right

Kelly Ripa said she has seen people win prizes on the show but not stand up when their names are called because they are playing hookey from work. It seems being neurotic about the bosses watching TV might have been a good idea for one woman who was on The Price is Right. Apparently this woman filed for workman’s comp years ago but was recently seen on The Price is Right spinning the big wheel, although in her claim she said she couldn’t work because she couldn’t lift or bend.

Soar into Summer Travel Trivia

Kathleen Judson was the lucky fan who had a chance to win a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Mexico but unfortunately she was not able to get the trivia question right. Do you know the right answer?

On what 2007 TV series did Rose Byrne tell Kelly and Michael she starred in?Damages.


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