Kelly & Michael: NFL First Round Draft & Bri Campbell Goodbye Party


Kelly & Michael: Bri Campbell Promotion & Going Away Party

Kelly and Michael’s whole staff got together last night to get cocktails. They were having a going away party for a staff member, but they can’t remember who because of all the drinks.

Kelly Ripa had a “large pour” of wine. It was a wine “chalice” that was definitely her money’s worth. Michael said larger portions are always better. He also said he hates using straws and tiny glasses because he looks ridiculous with his big hands. He prefers to look like a macho Don Draper with his glass.


The party was for Bri Campbell, who does all of the promos for Live! They’ve won a lot of awards because of her work, Kelly said. She is going out to California for a promotion because of her excellence.

Kelly & Michael: NFL First Round Draft & Bri Campbell Goodbye Party

Kelly and Michael threw a goodbye party for Bri Campbell, their promo designer. Michael Strahan talked about his predictions for Manti Te’o’s NFL draft.

Michael Strahan: NFL Draft First Round Picks

The 2013 NFL Draft started yesterday and Michael was thrilled. He said it was exciting to see Kyle Long, Howie Long’s son, get picked in the first round by the Chicago Bears. Also, the Giants picked Justin Pew. Dion Jordan went to the Miami Dolphins.


Michael Strahan: Work With St Jude’s & Markell Gregoire

Markell Gregoire is a good friend of Michael Strahan’s. They’ve both done a lot of amazing work with St. Jude’s. Markell announced the draft pick for the New Orleans Saints. Since the last time Michael saw Markell, he’s had part of his leg amputated.

How To Plan a Draft Pick Party

Kelly Ripa’s father is a famous Detroit Lions fan. Someone tweeted her last night and said he would be very happy with the pick. Michael said he didn’t know who they picked, but a lot of people have mock draft parties. He doesn’t really pay attention to the draft and make out detailed predictions, but many people do.

Will Manti Te’o Make the NFL Draft?

Manti Te’o was not selected in the first round. He had a big national championship game but it didn’t go well. Michael thought that the catfishing scandal, which wasn’t his fault, hurt him professionally. There are six more rounds, but Michael thinks that he will get picked in the second round. Michael Strahan was the 40th pick overall in the second round.

The only difference in when you get picked is that, back in the day, men would get more money for their placement.


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