Kelly & Michael: New Jersey Hospitals Gearing Up for Record Births


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan in Hawaii

Michael Strahan took a couple days off the show to enjoy some time in Hawaii and he said he really loved it.

“I’m a different shade of mocha from the sun,” he said.


Kelly Ripa was a little sad that Michael got to go on vacation because while he was in Hawaii she was sitting at home in a 24-hour winter in New York City. She said she woke up Saturday and it was like 40 degrees outside and her neighbors’ tree had blown over into her yard.

Michael Strahan Reasons for Not Paddleboarding: Sharks

Kelly & Michael: New Jersey Hospitals Gearing Up for Record Births

Kelly and Michael found out New Jersey hospitals are gearing up for mass births because they believe the blackouts from Hurricane Sandy made people frisky.

While on vacation, Michael said his girlfriend Nicole went paddleboarding and was urging him to go but he said no way. Ever since he saw Jaws, he never wants to get to far out into the ocean, adding that he even checks the pool for sharks when he gets in.


“I was scared to sit on the toilet after I saw the movie,” said Kelly.

New Jersey Hospitals Gearing Up for Mass Births

Hospitals around the New Jersey coast and other areas hit by Hurricane Sandy are gearing up for a record number of births. They say there is a correlation between blackouts from the storm and the number of births nine months later.

While it may seem like a cliche to say people got so bored they started to make babies, Kelly seemed to agree with the article.

“When you can’t use your electronic devices, it’s like ‘here we go,'” said Kelly Ripa as Michael Strahan looked on stunned. “Not those,” she clarified. “Those are battery operated.”

The article went on to cite areas around India where improved electrical service has led to a decline in births in the area.


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