Kelly & Michael: Naked Twitter Photo & Beer Brew Major Colorado State


Millionaire Matchmaker Success Story: Mitch Berger & Bambi

Michael brought his friend Mitch Berger and his fiancé to the show on April 25. Mitch was a kicker in the NFL, one of the best in the legaue, and he met his fiancé, Bambi, on the Millionaire Matchmaker. They got engaged at Christmastime and they are getting married in Vancouver in July. They said they are anxiously awaiting Michael Strahan’s RSVP.

Colorado State University Fermentation Science & Technology Major

On the last episode, Kelly and Michael talked about the best and worst careers to hold in 2013. Michael found an article today about a new major at Colorado State University, fermentation science and technology. The major teaches you the best ways to brew beer. Kelly said, “Sign me up, I’ll take two.”


They are going to set up a brewery in the student center so that students can taste each other’s beers. Michael wonders if there will be a limit to the amount of beers you can sample, otherwise kids will be getting tipsy in between lectures.

Kelly & Michael: Naked Twitter Photo & Beer Brew Major Colorado State

Kelly Ripa joked that she was going to send out a naked Twitter photo. Colorado State University introduced a beer brewing and fermentation major.

Kelly & Michael: Tasting Beer Study & Beer Spaghetti Sauce

Another study that fascinates Kelly Ripa: just tasting a beer increases your desire to get drunk. Well, golly gee, who would’ve thought that? The same is true for vodka, bourbon, whiskey, etc.


“If you take a bite of a hotdog, it also increases your chances of finishing the hotdog,” Kelly read. “Ever try to eat just one chip?”

Kelly said she loves to drink beer when she’s at a baseball game, outside in the blazing heat, with a hotdog, mustard, no relish. She’s very specific.

Michael said his fiance only likes beer when she’s making spaghetti because she puts it in the sauce. Kelly said she likes to add Guinness to her pork shoulder and then drinks the leftovers so she isn’t wasting.

Anthony Weiner Back on Twitter

Someone asked Anthony Weiner if there are any more pictures of his private areas out there. He said he didn’t know, but it’s possible. He has no clue how many pictures he sent out.

“Well, I just hope they end up here,” Kelly said. She’s really been man crazy lately.

He has $4 million in an account for campaigns and Michael said there’s plenty to pay off anyone that finds one of the leftover photos. Weiner just sent full body pictures to random numbers.

Kelly Ripa Sends Out Naked Twitter Photo

Kelly joked that she was going to send out a naked picture on her Twitter today and that it can be used for self defense. It will blind any mugger that tries to come at you. Michael wrote down a random number and challenged her to send it there.


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